Off screen history.

It being almost time for the newest sports dynasty to win another round, here’s some Super Bowl Highlights you may not see on tv. What a pity.


Week Seven

The Question of the week is up, and week eight has been selected.


There may be some fight left in the dog

In a move that surprises, and gladdens me, the Democratic Party may be veering away from Howard “The Scream King” Dean as party chairman. While there are currently nearly as many vying for the position as there are people in the Bush family named George, the one time and short lived front runner for the Democratic tickets top slot has been seen as the most likely person to succeed Terry “We Can Win in Fifteen States” McAuliffe. McAuliffe is the strategic anti-genius that pushed the belief that it was possible to unseat an incumbent war-time president without hitting every state. The new “anti-Dean” is Donnie Fowler, son of one time DNC Chairman Don Fowler, might in some ways be called Terry McAuliffe version 1.5 as he says “My plan for the Democratic National Committee will build on the strong legacy created by current Chairman Terry McAuliffe that has rebuilt the national party headquarters”. While just about anyone would be a less screaming left choice than Dean, I don’t see how anyone can make that statement, and of course this one, “First, it is clear that the state chairs want to change the national party's focus from leadership by a small aristocracy of consultants” while the son of a former party leader can actually do anything other than slow the melt down of the Democratic Party. On the other hand, one of the upshots for nearly everyone of having Dean as Chair would be keeping him from running for the Presidency himself anytime soon.

Am i the only one who finds it ironic that Fowler who wants to build on McAuliffes legacy has titled his blog "Change the Party" ?



Can we have a round of applause please?

For the LA County DA Steve Cooley and the unnamed arresting officer of the Idiot of the Month? And another one for the Costco employees and the local emergency response teams who risked themselves selflessly to save others? They deserve it.

By now we all know Juan Manuel Alvarez is the idiot responsible for the near dozen deaths in the three train collision in California. Thankfully he will be charged with murder for each of those deaths. I hope they add in a charge of attempted murder and another of reckless endangerment for each other passenger or crewmember. My only regret in the matter is that no one saw fit help this relentlessly venal, inconsiderate, ass finish the job of earning himself a Darwin Award, he’d already stabbed himself and slit his wrists, why oh why couldn’t they have showed him the right way. I really don’t have anything against suicide. Individual lives belong to the person living them, no one else. That’s why we have the right, and occasionally the responsibility to risk and or give our lives. What I do have a problem with is waste in suicide Alvarez showed the most disgusting lack of regard for his son’s future not in his attempt to take his own life, but in the way he did it. He destroyed his vehicle which could have been sold to support his child had he succeeded, but he gave up, half way through. Now, his family will probably get billed for his defense, and lack whatever assuredly minimal, positive contributions that he might make to the children’s lives. I wonder if we can convince The Governator to have a pay per view at this gits execution to help cover repair costs?



The CO does week six

I was going to make this a short and snarky: With a guillotine across the throat of anyone suggesting it. Unfortunately, since everyone else is being mute, it’s my duty to stir the pot just a bit.

Censoring starts, and should end at home. It is neither the job, nor the right of government to decide what I can and can’t see, hear, read, or wear. If I choose to get on TV and sing about a sexual encounter I had in an airliner bathroom with two flight attendants, and I happen to have video of it playing, so be it. If you are offended by it, it is your TV you can turn it off. You can change the channel. If someone writes a book that depicts carnal acts involving six men a goat four pints of ice dream and enough leather to upholster a car, you have the right not to read it, you have the right to be offended. You can choose for yourself, and for your minor children, in your home. However, your rights end there. America is not supposed to have thought police, or a Synod of Censors. And yet in all violation of the first amendment there is the FCC.




I had a mixed day today, First i discovered I've been snubbed by those arch-fiends at the Bloggies, and then i manged to fool the Gender Genie and convince it i was female. This is actually a good thing since the pov character was decidedly female and is the best encouragement I've gotten on my, near wholly neglected, fiction writing. Well actually i can't say I've completely neglected it, i did update my resume recently. The rest of my stuff being either non fic, or mostly from male pov's came up male. One paper i did for a college class on a female was very close but male.



Homespun Bloggers question

Some of you recall I joined the Homespun Bloggers recently; they do a weekly Symposium with each participant posting their reply on their own blog. This weeks question is below.

What are my predictions for the Iraqi elections?

Lots of violence. I expect there to be five hundred or more civilian and police casualties. There will probably be at least one polling station attacked, and possibly either successive waves of attacks or several simultaneous attacks on polling stations. I would expect that the lines outside will see demonstrators against the election and other efforts to intimidate voters. The election will pick be won by one of the numerous Baatthists. There will be calls of fraud, but thanks to a US stamp of approval the winner will eventually have the luxury of letting Iraq slide into a Russian like funk where more and more rights are repealed.


New Award!

By now, y'all are familiar with my major award the NFAA or Need For Architecture Award. I award that to people who are so very, very shrill in condemnation of their opponents they actually legitimize said opposition. It’s been awarded twice; the first went to Moxie, and the second Joe Vialls. This new award does not require quite that much talent, but does take an unusual perspective and a certain overwrought outlook to gain this laurel wreath. And so....

The first ever More Strokes Needed Award goes to a poster who had done a remarkable job of standing up for the Oppressed Majority. In his peerless defense of some Bible thumpers who had their ad rejected by Rolling Stone, he proved that he really does deserve this first ever More Strokes Needed Award. So to The Northeast Dilemma guest blogging over at the New England Republican, I present to you this award and some advice. A few more strokes a day and you'll stop having silly things like this fall off your keyboard.



Oh the weather outside is frightful,
but the news coverage is so delightful,
let it blow,
let it blow,
let it blow....


There are reasons...

... and as proof : Click.

Danke Kevin..



Post Tsunami

There continue to be stories of hope amid the heartrending aftermath. One story details the survival stories of a few children, and the other discusses a pregnant woman who had clung to a tree for five days, been carried out to sea and then rescued by a passing tuna boat.


Random musings

The other night I was driving up the highway, about 11pm. As my eyes flicked to the rearview, I realized I recognized the shape of the front end of the car pulling up on my left about eight car lengths back. It was a cruiser, no lights, no siren. It passed me a few seconds later, I was going about seventy. He was going probably about seventy-five or a touch more. The speed limit, fifty.

It’s snowing here in the northeast. I was talking to my mother before I left for work and she was nattering on that I needed to be careful. I reminded her I got my license in a snowstorm, and have driven in bad storms before on numerous occasions. She said, "You’re only seventeen you aren't old enough to have seen a real blizzard". At this point we both started laughing. I said, "Wow progress! When did you add fifteen years to your mental image of my age?"



Scum Sucking Bastard Hunt

Please note I do not say "man hunt" because this creature is not. It is slime, the basest confluences of genetic and social depravity.

It is a convicted child molester, and has recently kidnapped the son of the person who had (unknowingly) letting it live with him. The child was found ok, it has escaped. Its name is "Frederic Fretz". And is a known sex offender in Pennsylvania and Arizona. Should you see it, report it to the police.

Please note that Pennsylvania does not have an online sex offender registry, and Arizona does not list it under its birth name. Florida did a much better name and even provides a list of known aliases.

FBI list of state sex offender registries.



Several interesting posts...

The Cunning Linguist has an interesting series on ficticiou substances...
Varifrank has a post on neighbors...
J'Myle talks about the things he wishes he could see today...
The Rant rips out his list of best and worst presidents....
Antitheton meaders around the issue of seperation of church and state....


Blogger issuse

I'll post when its being less of a PITA.


Blogger issuse

I'll post when its being less of a PITA.


Blogger issuse

Blogger is being unpleasant. Some posts when it decides to play nice.



Is this is supposed to be an improvement?

John “Iron Maiden” Ashcroft is nearly gone. His replacement is nearly here. Ashcroft authorized the use of torture in Iraq. His replacement Alberto “Let me check on that” Gonzales, was unsure if torture was going to continue to be an option. When he did get has marching orders, the prepared statement he had indicated that torture would not continue to be an option. Sadly, this is the bright spot in the change from one Attorney General to the next. Gonzales supports renewal of the Patriot Act, doesn’t have a firm grasp of the prisoner handling in the War on Terror, and has not decided if he will recuse himself from Enron investigations despite having worded for the company ten years ago. Four more years? Apparently.


Close family

Remember to call your mom kids!


Thanks Kevin.



Cause i'm an evil sob


Thank you james.



As we look back not just at yesterday, a day set aside to remember the greatest of America’s civil rights leaders, but upon the late election, and the lifetime of struggle that King, X, Shabazz, Parks and others lived marvel at how far we have come, it should not be an excuse to forget what we saw today. After centuries in bondage, decades of open racial warfare, and more of continued tension, we saw two black people, on opposing sides seated on opposing sides of what is not much more than an elaborate and adversarial job interview. This is not just any job; it is what may well be the second most powerful position in the United States government. The Secretary of State was the grooming ground for future Presidents before the Vice Presidency was. If the current candidate is confirmed, she will not just be the first African American woman to hold that office, she will not just succeed the first African American man to hold that office, but this would be concurrent tenures at very nearly the apex of American political actualization. We've come along way in the life times of Obama and Rice, we have yet to reach the land King dreamed of, but we can get there.



The Airbus A380

Airbus is set to unveil the largest airliner ever. If built exclusively to ferry coach passengers it would top out at over 800 passengers. Standard configuration is set to a cool 555 passengers. This is one of the first major design changes in decades; it incorporates a tri-level, four aisle design and significant upgrades to the flight deck in instrumentation and ergonomics. The lowest level could be configured in numerous ways including having built in conference centers.

So why am I mentioning this?

Well, why I don’t think that it’s likely were I the type of nefariously minded individual that left America with an indelible scar in the shape of 9/11, this would give me wet dreams. Think about it, a body count of 500 or roughly one fifth of the total death toll from 9/11 with just one downed plane. Even if it hits nothing you’ve just inflicted another massive scar upon a nation that many would describe as ‘war weary’. This could be a great thing for the airlines, and possibly even for consumers, but not without risk


I just noticed

I crossed the 100 post mark a couple weeks back. I think i should now post a couple 'best of' links if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


New to the Blogroll

I've just joined the Home Spun Bloggers, make sure you check out all my new friends and tell them i said hi.


Be afraid, be very afraid!

The High Priestess of Perky is reportedly in the running to replace Dan Rather. Katie Curic well known as the most hyper woman on network news is currently hosting an early morining show on NBC. Her overly energetic self is frightening enough on those rare occasions when i'm awake to turn the tv on at that time, late in the evening i think my tv would have to be placed behind shaterproof glass...

Hat tip to Joe of the Moderate Voice, Guest Blogging at Dean's World.



I can't wait

For the Mindblind to start screeching in unison. An eccentric man in Seattle left his home city an endowment, with a stipulation. The stipulation is simple, a fountain. With at least one life like, life sized and realistic nude male in the classic style. Something the description reads like something similar to Michelangelo’s David. David and his stone clones have caused much consternation in various areas because the boy is Nekkid! Much like forerunner to Janet Jackson, David has let the cat out of the bag by displaying the fact that the male form comes equipped with a penis. Shocking news to all I’m sure. And gosh, the hedonistic nature of the statue! For shame.


Week 3 Responces Reposted from BlogSpectrum

First TCL

Perhaps if we spend more money on things like education and
tools for education (libraries, museums, art, music and culture), we
might get more kids interested in learning on their own. Back in
Illinois, my school took us on field trips to Shedd Aquarium, the Museum
of Science and Industry, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. It got me
interested in learning about things outside of school, and instead of
sitting in class, staring at the chalkboard for 6 hours a day, we got to
watch SCUBA divers feed sharks, and look at rocks that fell from space!
I became extremely interested in geology for a number of years, all
because of trips to museums. In turn, I went to the library to learn
more about xeolinths, lava flows and geologic faults, which nurtured an
interest about natural disasters and the earth in general, which is a
hobby that I still pursue to this day.

I do agree that more hands on and participatory education is needed in
the form of field trips, unfortunately with this you are again running
into a nasty area. America, as I touched on is as much or more a fear
ruled society as it is reason ruled one. The odds of a terrorist attack,
or even ‘ordinary’ accidents are miniscule, yet many if not most schools
have either severely curtailed or eliminated such trip since 9/11.

Now James

Our CO and the Cunning Linguist try very hard to escape the
gravitational pull of this huge planet, this personal experience, but in
the end they, too, crash and burn.

I beg to differ. My driving has got to be the closest thing to wingless
flight one can accomplish, and I’ve not had an accident in oh, hours.

That is the genius of public education in America. We did
have something in common back then, and we still do, no matter what
academic track we were on, no matter what occupational destination we
shared. Not because we came from the same class or race or gender, but
because we were taught—not necessarily by our teachers--to negotiate our
differences by reference to the inheritances we call American history
and literature. (For some of us, yes, by reference to Mathematics, as
well, a universal language, to be sure, but the fissures and
consequences were narrower in that domain.)

While there is something to be said for shared experience in school, and
I do believe to some experience it is needed, it is not the be all end
all of education, not even close. Teaching children the mislabeled
“three r’s” is the responsibility of the education system. Teaching
children to be sociable like providing religious and or personal
philosophical guidance is, and should remain the job of the parents.

The CO and Sidial agree on the need for what we used to call
tracking. "Separate out the kids according to ability, intelligence, and
zeal for learning," as the latter puts it. I wonder. My most boring
moments in high shool came in my "honors" classes, and my most
electrifying moments came after I was kicked out of them, after my
junior year.

Doesn’t this go back to the personal responsibility that you were
preaching about a few paragraphs ago? I reveled in my advanced classes.
I could read on a high school level by fourth grade, and a college level
by sixth. If you failed to learn in the more challenging classes it
presents one of three major problems and their associated subsets:
1) The ‘advanced’ classes were nothing of the sort and only dubbed that
way to stroke the ego’s of parents and some students.
2) You did not appreciate the challenge of the advanced classes and were
content getting “easy A’s” in the mainstream classes.
3) You were on the borderline between ‘average’ and ‘advanced’

Of these problems number three is by far the murkiest, if that is for
the sake of discussion the best answer it immediately raises several
questions: “Could you have done better if you stuck to books and not
sports?”, “Should students be enrolled in ‘advanced’ classes on a course
by course level and not on an all or nothing basis?”, “Were you really
motivated to be there, and did you understand enough of what being a
part of those classes could mean to your future?” the list goes on and
on, and varies quite widely from student to student. I for example
excelled at English, history, and science but struggled with math
classes, my brother was just the opposite, he did wonderful in math and
hated English and history. There are differences including how people
learn: visual, auditory and the other variations, that effect the
outcome of how much people learn more than simple “IQ” explains.

Tom's responce to TCL

The only way to fix this problem is to create a societal
situation where the consequences of having more children than you can
support (from both the male and female prespective, of course) are
unacceptable. How do we do that, you ask? We first warn everyone that
we're about to take some drastic action. Then we give them a chance to
shape up with continued warnings. Then, we follow through with our
drastic action, namely we stop supporting them beyond what we are
already giving away.

This one you are going to need to explain carefully. What kind of
consequences? Not helping the kids? And if so isn’t that punishing the
children at best, and potentially negligent homicide at worst? Taking
the kids away? Sure, our foster care system is a lot better than the
lack of safety net in a lot of countries but its already overburdened.
Further we need to stop the revolving door that some judges and policy
makers have put into place where the birth family is by default the best
place for the all parties concerned. Not to be too crass, but I don’t
give a $@#% about the parents, grandparents or the ninety-some cousins.
They can all fall off the end of the planet. Putting a child back with a
child molester is inexcusable, putting them back with people who have
failed to complete alcohol and drug counseling likewise.

Derek (not quite in order)

The Democrats--well, they're lost. The Republican drift to
the left has pushed Democrats somewhere to the far side of George

Oh Boy is that one for another day...

I am no expert on education. I do, however, have a little
insight into human nature. Those in power tend to consolidate power.
Controlling the system of education is a goal of every despotic regime;
if you lead them while they're young, they'll willingly follow you as

I’m not a huge fan of government sponsored education, however, it does
have a much better chance of getting people all on the same playing
field than each city block having its own privately run school. Also, if
for no other reason than making sure people are being educated there
needs to be someone saying ‘the standard is here’. I happen to think
that for a lot of things the standard is set to low in the public system.

Some of the friends I admire most teach in public schools,
and our daughter has attended the local schools since kindergarten. I
assure you, though, that we've been very aware of what's been taught,
especially in the early grades. My wife used to volunteer at the school
during the day and was on a first-name basis with the principals of the
elementary and middle school.

It is good to see their are parents who pay attention. I work with a
youth group where half the parents drop their children off and
disappear, i think most of the parents have only met myself or the club
leader oncestyle="font-style:italic;"> and yet they leave their kids there
for 3-4 hours.


That touches on what the answer should be. Schools, above all else,
should attempt to equip our children with the ability to think
critically, with the ability to reason. All else follows. James'
goals—literacy, social mobility, civic discourse—can only be achieved in
schools whose pupils are able to think critically. Solving every problem
on Sidal's laundry list is meaningless if students are still unable to
think for themselves. Find students who can do that, and solving those
problems becomes much easier, because the students will be right there
with you.

Again this goes back to ours being a society of fear. No it is not to
the extent of North Korea, China, or a few other hellholes, but one
where fear is the preferred motivator. There are a lot of parents who
want their parents to learn what to think, not how. I personally have
several very, very good idea’s where this comes from, but I’ll leave
that for later. Where it comes from is important, getting rid of it, is
more important.

...enough cash to keep the student:teacher ratio at no more
than 20:1—twenty-five, tops. A bad teacher with twelve students will
teacher better than a great teacher with fifty-four. If any of you doubt
that for a second, I will give you a tour of my old high school and
prove it.

I think, that if public school alternatives got enough (non financial)
support that this could go a long way towards shrinking class sizes.

And that folks is all i have time for right now, more later.

The Casual Observer
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http://www.iwt.blogspot.com & http://www.blogspectrum.blogspot.com
"The necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude, and perseverance." Samuel Adams

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Korea through Red lenses

I really need to check my foreign press sites more often. Thanks to Rathergate, the Tsunami and now that idiot who took bribes to talk up No Paper Stack Left Behind it’s been difficult to find something worth putting up here. This article is dated 12/25/04 and is by a Leningrad PHD who grew up with the Korean's as "Communist Cousins". The article and Russian opinion goes full circle on its view of Korea from the early days of communism to today.



Shake watcha Mama gave ya: Career Day in San Fran

So its career day in Junior High and a Management specialist comes in to talk you your students. The student are paying attention. The speaker has a list of nearly one hundred and fifty choices and focuses on people finding jobs that please them. In fact the speaker titles the seminar, which has taken place more than once previously at your school, "The Secret of a Happy Life". On the list is "Exotic Dancer", a student asks a question about it, followed by another and the speaker answers them. Now like any Q & A it comes at the end of a long presentation, in this case fifty five minutes. Isn't it a good sign that any students were paying enough attention to ask questions at the end of the day? From any of the I could find, he didn't discuss anything other than a few general facts regarding income potential. Apparently, however the Principal is displeased with the fact that the students at his school would dare ask questions. Please note that the schools phone number is at the top of the page in the link provided.



January in New England is Mother Nature's way of saying turn your head and cough.



Deep Impact

The Nasa Version.

HollyWeird has did their take, now NASA does theirs. Nasa is hoping for a crash and burn, HollyWeird desperately feared one.

NASA is sending a probe into space that will impact with a comet to get us information on its somposition and shape. It's expected to arrive on ID4.

Is HollyWeird infulencing NASA or the other way around...



Please pardon

... my persistant paternalism.

But God damn do i have a good team over at BlogSpectrum.

James has talked about the social and family dynamics involved in education.

Derek wasted no time in jumping in and voicing concerns over government run education.

His Cunningness and Her Pestiness waxed lyrical about the difference a good teacher can make, and addressed over crowding, and how government (local and up) can make things worse.

The supposedly Inappropriate J'Myle made some dead in the black points on localization of education and what it can do.

Tom mounted an attack on government waste and mismanagement of education that would make Alexander look merely ok.

I mentioned various specifics of what i feel needs to be changed, and why feel wholly outshined.



Different Strokes

Some days finding something interesting to blog about is difficult. Someday's believing that there ca be something so different to blog about is difficult. Today is one of the latter.

Twenty odd years ago, "Different Strokes" was a successful sitcom about a high-rise dwelling white family in New York who adopted the children of their maid after her death. It was a family show. Today, this might as well be the title of three proposed TV shows. While it is funny, and they are about family, I highly doubt they'll be labeled 'sitcom' or 'family show' if ever they bring forth the light from the boob tube.

The first show, one that is being pitched to German TV networks is called "Sperm Race". This sure fire biological thriller is built around the premise of measuring the speed of the seed of various men. No word yet on a prize...

Singapore in an apparent effort to bring to attention the sagging flagpole that is its birth rate is being pitched a TV show called "Dr. Love's Super Baby-Making Show". The contestants would compete to be the first to well, successfully procreate. It is pitched to feature nine foreign couples, and one from Singapore. The first to ah, be fruitful get $100,000 (US). I've heard of getting an outside expert to come to you but, well...

And finally the same people who want the first show to come on your TV, are hoping to go a second round with "Make me a Mum". On this undoubtable future classic, and cause for the resulting offspring’s therapy and emancipation, the prospective fathers would compete to be the donor. In the end 'Mum' gets to choose between one she man she picks for personal attraction, and one picked based on genetic compatibility. Is there anyone who thinks that a woman who would go on this type of show would pick logically?

That's not my story, and consequently I'm not sticking to it.



A little less smoke

The Dark Continent has for decades convulsed with fervent agony of war. Today one more part of the continent might be headed towards a similar level of peace. In one of Africa’s most violence torn nations two of the warring factions have reached a peace accord that not only looks to end the violence between the factions, but also includes major plans for reform. Among them the inclusion of the now former rebel leader in the government as a Vice President, a new constitution with a two month deadline, and the combining of forces to work against the other rebel groups in the poverty stricken and war ruptured nation.


Circular Thinking

By now, nearly all of us know that America had a rather large hand in training Saddam. We also know that it turned around and bit us in places of a tender and non public nature. Unfortunately, it appears that the people who don’t know this are part of the government. There are plans in the works for US Special Forces to train counter insurgents in Iraq, brought to you by some of the same bright minds who gifted America the Iran Contra affair.

Now just about every person in the world, outside of the bright boys planning this, knows that those who don’t learn their and in this case it’s the most intimate their possible that you are doomed to keep stepping in it. So why pray tell are they planning to engage in something that has worked out to our grievous disadvantage more than once? Some might say it’s that it has worked in the past; others might say that it’s simply the next evolutionary step in the pacifying of insurgents in Iraq. And still other will claim its part of the megalomania of the Bush Administration that they can’t admit defeat, or even setbacks, and are now resorting to desperate measures. Any of these might be true, but some of the architects of this plan have been around since the Regan Administration and that’s more than enough time for anyone with a little self honesty to see that some plans however neat, elegant and conservative of resources are simply to close to holding the wolf by its ears.

What ever it is, it stinks to no end.



And Mohammed shall lead....

Well not quite, but he does contribute a great turn of phrase.

"I believe he is the only one capable of taking us to the safe side of this ocean of conflict," Mohammed Juma

It appears the Palestinians have chosen Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazin to lead them. In their first election in nine years, the Palestinians have overwhelmingly gone for a man that the thugs of Hammas appear to dislike to a great degree, which is to anyone else a great recommendation. Many are hopeful and glad there is an election but are boycotting the election none the less. One of the best quotes is by the 73 year old Ahmad Darawish

"A people who don't elect their leaders and rulers freely are slaves or even worse,".

The elections even appear to be cleanly run with no deaths reported in connection with the voting, and getting the stamp of approval of the Jordanian observers as well as former US President Jimmy Carter.

The results are reported as 66-70% vote capture for the presumptive President elect, and that is in the eyes of regional on lookers enough to give him a large degree of legitimacy, a mandate some would say. I wish him, Palestine, Israel, and all their people the best, peace through superior fire power only works if you have the firepower to kill all your enemies.

The question remains though:

If the Israeli's and Palestinians can put aside their mostly religious squabbling to accomplish what amounts to the creation of a monument to democracy, why can't they do it if not every day, most of them?



More on my piteous whining...

It works so well... that I’ve decided when I run for public office that it will be my strategy, I won't answer issues questions, I won't shake babies and kiss hands, I’ll just whine until people agree to vote for me.

Several weeks ago, I whined at the self described "Attention Whore" The Cunning Linguist, and he decided to join the BlogSpectrum team, again probably just to shut me up. Somehow, the moss and mold bestrewn piece of discarded silly putty I occasionally refer to as my brain managed not to update the team member listing at the time. That's done now, go visit the boy and tell him you'll ravish him with the attention he deserves.

The other person I was whining at this week has also decided to come play at BlogSpectrum. Derek who maintains his own thought repository over at Weapon of Mass Distraction is another of the new righties who caved to my Piteous Whine of Doom I was looking for; hopefully this will inspire Walt & Quilly to remember where the page is. Of course, if any of you want to go remind them feel free.

*Updated to correct my mental flatulence.



(This post will stay at the top saturday, scroll down.)

The Annual Bloggies have opened nominations. In my infinite humility, I suggest that I deserve to be nominated.

Categories i'd have a hope of being voted for include:
Best Blog about Politics.
Best American Blog.
Best Blog of the Year.
Best-Kept-Secret Weblog.
Best New Weblog.

Feel free to nominate me for any or all (especially the second one) of those categories.

While you are there:

There is a category for best group blog.

I think you know which blog to put at the top of your ballot there. I won't even include a link to them anywhere in this post.

I suppose along with your nomination in this category you could include:
The Mod-Blog and Blackfive.



Fruitful hunting, new links, and more!

As some of you will have noticed, the original righties to join BlogSpectrum have been over awed by the quality of the center to the left posters and unwilling to enter the arena of reason. So as part of my duty to present you with a balanced team over at BlogSpectrum, I went hunting and turned up a few good blogs. This guy was cool but didn't have time to become part of the Spectrum, he did recommend another guy who is interested and is the newest slicer of logic at BlogSpectrum.

In cursing around the Blogsphere I ran across the purveyors of the fine blogs Ramblings' Journal and The Smallest Minority. Thanks to my magniloquent wit and charm (along with lots of whining and ego stroking) they decided to blogroll (probably just to shut me up, there really was a lot of piteous whining) me and are now clear linked in "The Brave".

Way down the bottom of the page in the "blogging tools”, you'll see a "Blog Catalog" button that will allow you to vote on how good my blog is. Now despite the other numbers being there the only two numbers that actually work are the nine and the ten. So if you hate me passionately and hope I choke to death on the lumps in my oatmeal vote nine, other wise ten will do.


Hollywood Strikes Back

Running about the Blogsphere much has been made of the so called dearth of generosity on the part of the Left. Well lets see: President George W Bush donated $10,000 to the relief efforts, and the delectable Ms Sandra Bullock who made waves in Speed, Love Potion #9, and gifte one million dollars after 9/11, donated $1,000,000 while Leonardo Dicaprio of What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Titanic, and The Beach fame made a donation that UNICEF describes as sizeable. Remember kids, neocon bloggers have the best candy.


The Reluctant Post

I think I spent about five hours on my post a BlogSpectrum today. Thanks to interruptions, computer crankiness, and the difficulty of finding the right information that's more time than I normally spend on three days of posting. Anyway, my post is now up.



The Second NFAA

That's right ladies and gentlemen, the Need For Architecture Award is back. Unlike the first award which was taken by someone for their overly vociferous criticism off the left, this one goes the other way. In all fairness this may not be fair to quantify as criticism of the right, because this award seems tailor made for this winner.

Not only does the redoubtable Joe Vialls has decided that the South East Asian Tsunami was not a natural event. And has even provided a handy map to tell us where the real epicenter of the earthquake was. Although Joe says it wasn't really an earthquake, it was a Nuclear Warhead. And it was of course set off at the behest of Wall Street. I'll not lower your IQ's by posting it here, feel free to follow the links and see for yourself. It's an amazing piece of out of ass slight of mind, ah, hand.

Hat tip, and a thank you to Tex over at Whacking Day who grabbed this story and did his own longer tribute to our friend Joe.


DeLay, delay, delay...

It's quite the sad thing that the 'moral voters' were unable to gaze just a few weeks into the future before casting their ballots. Perhaps had they been able to do so they would have excommunicated the apostates in the Grand Old Party. The Republican Party has been masquerading as the chaste maiden for years while living openly as a scarlet woman. As bad as the investigation was surrounding Monicagate which revealed a prominent republican had engaged in a 'youthful indiscretion' in his just barely post pubescent forties (yes that is about the same age Clinton was during the whole manufactured scandal). The DeLay delays take the cake. Until, that is, it was one of their own the GOP stood firmly for removing anyone indicted from office. Then it started to look as if the leader of the current crop of disgraces to Lincoln’s legacy would be indicted himself and they changed the rules then, well the rules have been changed again. Now the ethics committee has morphed from a bipartisan attack dog of intimidating meme to the lap dog of which ever party has someone to protect. I'll never claim the Democrats are as pure as the driven snow but everyone knows who their soiled doves are and they don't change the rules to benefit themselves at the eleventh hour.


Erasing the lines

Did you know our President spent one billion dollars on "faith based initiatives" in 2003? This borders on the demographic that Bush not so incidentally relies upon to be his bread and butter at the polls. This type of blatant vote buying is not only unAmerican, it erases the lines between church and state. Those lines were put there to protect America and keep her from coming under thumb of a theocracy. Apparently, Bush feels he knows better than the men who actually framed the Constitution and the institutions that support it. Apparently the people who actually fought in a war to protect everyone’s liberty don't know as much as someone who lost their flight status and never managed to get on the same continent as the enemy. As appalling as it is that the President feels Bushicana is more valid, and more worthy than Americana, not only could this money have been better spent on his much lauded, and chronically under funded No Child Left Behind. And in displaying the same competence he used in 'planning' the war in Iraq several of the charities on the list aren't even "faith based".


Tsunami Help Blog


For those who haven't run across it there is a blog setup with all indepth information on the Tsunami and its after affects, and how to help.



Barack & White

Going against all the hype surrounding the Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama says he will not seek the White House in the next election. Despite the notable following the first term Senator gained due to his emergence in Illinois and his speech at the Democratic convention Obama remains poised and humble and is on record as saying "I'm not running for national office. I am here to be sworn in as the United States senator from the state of Illinois. I will not be running for president in '08.", which while slightly disappointing to fans does make sense. In 2008 were he to run he would only have a single term at a national level, and would at 47 still be a fairly young man as presidents go.


Someone you should get to know...

... even if you don't agree with him, the boy can think, and does so.


His post is on Social Security reform, something that will probably not exist by the time he gets old enough to retire.



A landmark succumbs to time

On the birth of the new year, the final chapter in an epic was written. The first African American to be sworn in as a member of the United States House of Representatives has passed. Shirley Chisholm, born in heart of New York this mover and shaker refused to be a back bencher and her temerity earned her a seat on the Veterans Affairs Committee. Sworn in the same year that Nixon would first seat himself in the Oval Office this woman would even run for president in 1972, a true force for change she sat in the halls of power for fourteen years. An author, a congresswoman, and a voice for progress are now silent.


The observant...

... will have noted that I've updated the links in the sidebar. This was not so that i could practice cutting and pasting.



More hope amid the ruins

Mans best friend has earnd the reputation thousands of times. Selvakumar a dog in a small village in India made the count a notch higher. He saved the seven year old Dinakaran from the Tsunami.

To help make sure Selvakur's effort is not in vain, go donate.



Californa Domestic Partnership

While not going as far as the Massachuesetts legal equality of marriage regardless of the gender of the participants, the law going into affect today in California was an important step toward protecting the civil rights of homosexuals. The law is being challenged as a violation to the "intent"of the states Proposition 22 which bans gay marriage. This domestic partnership law does not confer tax benefits but does convey most other rights.


Semi official, unofficial poll

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