As we look back not just at yesterday, a day set aside to remember the greatest of America’s civil rights leaders, but upon the late election, and the lifetime of struggle that King, X, Shabazz, Parks and others lived marvel at how far we have come, it should not be an excuse to forget what we saw today. After centuries in bondage, decades of open racial warfare, and more of continued tension, we saw two black people, on opposing sides seated on opposing sides of what is not much more than an elaborate and adversarial job interview. This is not just any job; it is what may well be the second most powerful position in the United States government. The Secretary of State was the grooming ground for future Presidents before the Vice Presidency was. If the current candidate is confirmed, she will not just be the first African American woman to hold that office, she will not just succeed the first African American man to hold that office, but this would be concurrent tenures at very nearly the apex of American political actualization. We've come along way in the life times of Obama and Rice, we have yet to reach the land King dreamed of, but we can get there.


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