The Airbus A380

Airbus is set to unveil the largest airliner ever. If built exclusively to ferry coach passengers it would top out at over 800 passengers. Standard configuration is set to a cool 555 passengers. This is one of the first major design changes in decades; it incorporates a tri-level, four aisle design and significant upgrades to the flight deck in instrumentation and ergonomics. The lowest level could be configured in numerous ways including having built in conference centers.

So why am I mentioning this?

Well, why I don’t think that it’s likely were I the type of nefariously minded individual that left America with an indelible scar in the shape of 9/11, this would give me wet dreams. Think about it, a body count of 500 or roughly one fifth of the total death toll from 9/11 with just one downed plane. Even if it hits nothing you’ve just inflicted another massive scar upon a nation that many would describe as ‘war weary’. This could be a great thing for the airlines, and possibly even for consumers, but not without risk


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