Today's bad joke

Q: You're stuck in room with Bill and Hillary Cinton, Obama, and Ted Kennedy, your gun only has two bullets. What do you do?

A: Shoot the Clintons, the shock will kill Ted, and the black guy will get blamed for it.

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Indiana: A tax (and a boondoogle) by any other name

The Indiana legislatures has just proven itself to be dumber than a box of rocks and have morals that Nixon, Libby, and Putin would consider slimy. They have decided that any place selling books with 'sexually explicit' content would have to pay a $250 fee. This information is to be shared with local officials who will then be able to 'monitor' them for violations of the law. The standards for this immensely useful law are:

That includes any work that "describes or represents, in any form, nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sadomasochistic abuse."

Now, this standard would include just about any book written for anyone over the age of seven. It would include just about all general psychology text books, most medical text books, all books meant to help children understand puberty, most fiction including genres like science fiction and fantasy, romance, and most classic literature, a large percentage of sociology text books, religious texts like; the Bible, The Torah, The Book of Mormon, the Quorran, vast amounts of poetry.

So let's review a few famous works that would be affected by this law: Wuthering Heights, Hamlet, Watership Downs, and The Scarlet Letter.

There are three (major) things wrong with this law:
1) It's self defeating. The number of places selling materials that will meet the standards laid out in the law vastly exceeds the number of places selling books that don't meet these standards. Everything from corner drug stores to local independent book stores, and big book chains like Borders and Barnes and Noble, department stores like Target, corner news stores, college bookstores etc. How does this law narrow down the list of places that law enforcement needs to look for offenders?

2) It is by any reasonable standard a violation of the 1St Amendment.

3) It's redundant. I'm certain their are other laws regarding telling the truth about what you intend to sell in your place of business.

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In defense of liberty

Rarely does corporate behavior show any interest in anything except how far into the black they can push their profit margin. This is usually accomplished by either impoverishing employees or fleecing customers. Sometimes a company will be inspired enough to do both. Fortunately there are standards that some hold themselves to that other corporations should aspire too. One of those corporations was started in a garage in 1982 and has become one of the most respected, innovative and relied upon companies in the world Ronnie Barret is the man who started the company, and makes it what it is. Take a look at his words.

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Petition: AWB

The meek and moronic are at it again. There is a newer, more vile, more restrictive, and still unneeded, unconstitutional, unhelpful, and unAmerican "Assault Weapon Ban" in the works. This one includes no sunset clause, bans new weapons, and is in general aimed at making the criminals of America safer.
Sign the petition, but more importantly call, write, and email your Senators and Representatives and tell them why this ban is wrong for America.


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