And the crazy goes on...

I'm somehow still, this late in life, frequently amazed at the lack of sense people display on a regular basis. It's particularly disconcerting in the those who would be our leaders. Sadly, some of those folks have managed a modicum of success in the public arena.

Offending people in the general populace is pretty easy, the larger the group the easier it gets. But it takes a special sort of blunderful to turn off a group of people when talking about their particular passion. A man who would be president Mike Huckabee has managed just that.

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Because there are limits to my time, and the amount of words blogger will let you put in a post, I'm only going to lightly dissect this video:

First, one should notice the extreme subtlety of the kid looking like a grunge rocker and sitting in the darkest part of the room, while the adult instructor is dressed like a deacon and is in the light.

Second, labeling evolution "eviloution" is not arguing with facts, its doing so with emotion.

Third, well no there may not be transition fossils. We went from rafts to sophisticated aircraft carriers and there are not records of every step of the way in between.

Fourth, DNA, and RNA do not merely replicate what is there, the recombine it from the two parent sources. Also, in that replication there is room for an infinite number of failures to copy properly. This is how numerous genetic disorders come into being. Seeing as different populations have different dominant and recessive genes, and their various levels of dominance, when group A genetically mixes with group B, you are also going to get something new without an errors.

I don't think there's a need to go on.

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Hillary as she really thinks...

I've made no secret of the fact that I loathe all three candidates and think all of them will be bad for America in their own very special way. Here's Senator Clinton speaking her mind.

Edited to replace Youtube with NBC feed

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