Guns are bad! Apparently not. Update.

Among the other reasons I use ABC as a news source is that they are willing to air pieces by tv personalities with a large following that cut against the grain of the radical left that they are supposedly a part of. They also actually do their homework before airing things, and when they do get caught with their trousers in the disengaged position, they admit it. This is one of the pieces I like so much.

One of the highlights is this little gem:

But guess what? The Centers for Disease Control recently completed a review of studies of various types of gun control: background checks, waiting periods, bans on certain guns and ammunition. It could not document that these rules have reduced violent crime.

And this one:

But surprise, 36 states already have concealed carry laws, and not one reported an upsurge in gun crime.
The video is interesting as well.



Wow, human kindness at work.

Stolen from one of my fave people, Randy at This is True:

TRUE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT: Jurors at a criminal trial in Denver, Colo.,were repulsed by the crime -- a man had molested his 10-year-old stepdaughter -- but were even more distressed that the trial concluded just before Christmas. Jury forewoman Jennifer Volk had noticed how hard it was for the little girl to testify, and thought "it was heartbreaking to think [she] wouldn't have a Christmas." So after finding the unidentified man guilty on enough charges to send him to prison for eight years to life, she asked the judge if she could buy gifts for the girl and her family. He said yes. Volk raised $500 from co-workers "to provide the family with a little holiday happiness."
The detective in the case said he has never seen anything like it. " This family was traumatized," said Detective Ken Klaus. "And they went and did something about it."



Celebrate life...

First Merry Whatever the Hell You're Celebrating!

Even though its probably the wrong thing. I went to one of my holiday stops I witnessed something I haven't seen in years, people going completely over the top and beyond even the near neighborhood of reasonable gifting. It was so bad one of the children, an energetic and sturdy four year old, asked his father:

"Daddy do I have to open any more presents?"

This was well over an hour and a half, and about fifty percent through a stack of presents mostly from the boy's grandparents. When I ran into my neighbor he said much the same of his kids visit to their grandparents. Again at my first extra-domestic stop the scene was much the same with the matriarch having gone whole hog on her adult children and grandchildren to the point where she couldn't recall having bought some of the gifts. Honestly, people get so wrapped up in gifting that they forget to be affectionate. A gift is supposed to be a symbol of affection, not a competitive endeavor to see who can out spend whom.


The unrepentant, and pensive Agnostic Casual Observer



Good News, Bad News

Good News:

You have two less holiday gifts to buy.

Bad News:

Your wife just ran off with your best friend.



I only steal from the best...

And this story put a silly grin on my face.


Not quite dead.

No, you're not lucky enough for me to have died, at least not yet. Real life has just claimed more than its fair share of my energy since September. The theory is that I'll be back to full time, for me, blogging just about the end of the month. Expect rants, reports, rants, and my own benign and empathetic analysis to resume with all the warmth it used to hold.



Something new...

It seems there may be an undiscovered carnivore running about Borneo. It reminds me a bit of a couple of my customers...

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