And yet...

People wonder why it is my dream job to cull from homo-sape all those who fail to use logic, reason or at least good old fashioned horse sense. The charming and no doubt honest politico's in Pennsylvania have a law on the books stating what you can and can't wear to vote. At least one person who showed up to vote in primaries was told she had to remove or cover the writing on her Obama t-shirt before being allowed to vote. Granted I'm writing in Bobby Seale for President, and Norman Shwartzkopf for Veep, but why in the hell does it matter what someone has on their t-shirt?

What's next? Are they going to stop people from wearing a "God Bless America" hat because of the religious implications? Will those in military uniform be denied because of their connection with war? How about someone wearing a gay pride hat or pin?

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