Random musings

The other night I was driving up the highway, about 11pm. As my eyes flicked to the rearview, I realized I recognized the shape of the front end of the car pulling up on my left about eight car lengths back. It was a cruiser, no lights, no siren. It passed me a few seconds later, I was going about seventy. He was going probably about seventy-five or a touch more. The speed limit, fifty.

It’s snowing here in the northeast. I was talking to my mother before I left for work and she was nattering on that I needed to be careful. I reminded her I got my license in a snowstorm, and have driven in bad storms before on numerous occasions. She said, "You’re only seventeen you aren't old enough to have seen a real blizzard". At this point we both started laughing. I said, "Wow progress! When did you add fifteen years to your mental image of my age?"


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