New Years Resolutions

Here we go,

  1. Continue to mock the mockable.
  2. Jeer at the jeer worthy.
  3. Continue to spread my own brand of socio-political inanity.
  4. Find a way to tell Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh how much they look and sound alike.
  5. Redefine myself by having a better, harder hitting blog.
  6. Redefine myself by having a sillier, softer, gentler blog with more humor.
  7. Start a flame war with another blogger just to see who can use the most creative invective.
  8. Send the President a big bag of pretzels.
  9. Send Kerry a huge case of Hunts Ketchup.
  10. Amuse myself constantly.
Gosh, i hope i didn't set to high a bar.


Art echo's life, politics echo's art.

A few days ago, while driving too fast and listening to music too loud, I was ruminating on the various arguments between the two powers that be of the USA's political establishment. The first song was Springsteen's "Born in the USA". I then sank deeper into the well of my thoughts. The next song I was aware of, some eight or nine miles later, was a Dropkick Murphy's ballad, "The Workers Song". A few other songs that fell
into the meme of social and political protest followed. Each of these songs caused my thoughts to solidify a bit more.

The song that caused me to give pause, slow both my racing thoughts and my racing car, was Ice Cube's "Colorblind". It talks about the problems of life in South Central LA. One of the focal points of the song is that there is such instant distrust, hatred and violence between the two regional powers that be. The part that is relevant to this blog, and to politics in general, is the serious correlation of behavior, even down to the colors worn by the Crips and Bloods and the Democrats and Republicans.

I walk the streets of L.A. with no where to turn,
every which way I get burned baby,
Lou wears blue, Big Fred wears red,
put them together and we color them dead,

If you were to go through the song and replace local references with national references, you might be shocked. So what year did this song come out? 2003, 2000? Nope. "Colorblind" was released on the 1991 album "Death Certificate".

The full text of the song is below.

Colorblind from Ice Cube's album Death Certificate
Here's another day at the stoplight,
I'm lookin in the mirror so I can see who can see me,
South Central is puttin' Ice Cube to the test,
With four brothers in the SS,
I can't go around and can't back up,
So I gotta peep game layin in the cut,
Is this a jack or a kidnapp,
Since I'm never ever slippin I fully strapped,
I grab the gat out the glove,
Do these fools got a problem with me,
Or do they got love,
So when the light turns green I don't bone out,
I wanna see what these black men are all about,
Cause if it's my time I'll just show,
If not, I'm pluggin they supersport,
First they get behind my ride,
Then they switch lanes to the left side,
I'm scopin out the one smokin endo,
Comin up fast rollin down his window,
He threw up a sign,
I put away my nine,
Fool cause I was colorblind,
Killer Cali, the state where they kill,
over colors cause brother don;t know the deal,
Where they'll cap not if they have to,
but if they want to first they might confront you,
See every brother on my block can't stop and he won't and it don't stop,
To the bang bang boogie yo they like to gang bang
but rookies ain't the only ones that dropped
Some say the little locs are gettin a little too loc,
Cause their the ones who kick up the most,
Say the wrong word then whistle down the street to your homies like a bird,
Come back and get served nigga,
And it's a shame cause it ain't no thing to me,
cause I slang them things like a G,
It's on does anybody want a killa for the summertime,
I gotta get another nine, even though I'm colorblind. . .
Now here's the game plan,
about a quarter till nine,
I was told to peal a cap on the other side,
Young and dumb, full of heart I'm a baby loc,
And I'm ready to do a job cause I aint not joke,
Stable and able but I'm not ready and willin
cause I'm only 13 and I ain't never did a killin,
grabbed the A.K. and jumped in the G ride,
started up the block and headed for the other side,
pulled up the car and now I'm on the creep tip,
hit the 5 dollar stick and I'm ready to flip,
caught one from the back and looked in eyes ,
thinkin should I peal his cap, or should I let him survive,
I'm trapped in the plan designed by another man,
I ain't contributin to genocide,
cause I'm colorblind. . .
I'm fresh outta county on bail,
and no sooner do I get out,
It's seems I right back in jail,
for some type of gang related activity,
cause every day different fools try to get with me,
for nothin more than a color, or territory,
can't rehibilitate em, that's the sheriff'story,
So what's left
the judge turns deaf
when you try to tell your side
cause you ain't blue eyed
Boy you better duck cause the book is comin'
and hand your car keys over to your woman,
cause aint no sunshine where you headed,
and it can drive you crazy if you let it,
But I;ll never shed a tear,
cause believe it or not they got more love for me here,
Now picture that, but on a black and white photograph
cause brothers you don't know the half,
On the streets I was damned near outta my mind,
but ever since I've been down,
I been colorblind. . .
Niggaz in the hood ain't changed
and I've finally figure out that we're not in the same gang,
I walk the streets of L.A. with no where to turn,
every which way I get burned baby,
Lou wears blue, Big Fred wears red,
put them together and we color them dead,
dead, dyin, gettin smoked like part of the fun,
they get smoked just to show how many come to the funeral. . .
I understand how all my homeboys feel,
and to this day I pack my steel,
cause I was born in a certain territory,
where you don't talk only the streets tell stories,
With blue and red bandanas on the street,
and if your slippin you'll be six feet deep,
cause me and T-bone, we pay em no mind,
and for the rest of the crew we stay colorblind. . .

You can find it by doing a search for "ice cube lyrics colorblind", my browser crashed while I was working and I no longer recall where I got the lyrics from.


Uncle Traitor to his party.

Has finally done something I approve of without reservation. Mitt "I don't give a damn who the party picks as my running mate" Romney has decided to (belatedly) push his death penalty bill on the Demicreatens in the Massachusetts State Sin-ate and House of Misrepresentation. Unfortunately, thanks to a moribund body that houses too few Republicrats for Romney to have much leverage the bill is almost certainly doomed to failure. Despite incidents like the 1997 Jeffrey Curley case where public sentiment was at enormously high levels, the state congress has failed to pass bills that would put the death penalty back into action in the Bay State.


Another vanity check...

I was scrolling through the list of blog directory sites trying to decide which ones to ad BlogSpectrum to, and noticed I'm number three in their rankings. Speaking of rankings: While my over all GoSpots hits are up, my ranking has dropped. So go tell two people!

And, have you done your part to make sure The Guys get higher ranked at Amazon? Between them they have seveal starving children and sheepdogs!

You can of course go review my blog over at either BlogRankings or BlogCatalog.



It's not a secret....

... I'm no fan of the Religious Right, and most of them find me at best 'tolerably misguided'.

But Religion and Government are in effect crutches. And like any crutch that is over used, it can do more harm than good. Hence, my serious like of seeing the lines blurred and erased between the two. The BBC has a decent story written by an outsider inside the religious right. While its obvious the writer is not 'one of them' he's not blatantly biased it’s a well done piece.



I would have gotten out

Normally i don't post jokes... but this was too good not to swipe from the soon to be blogrolled Tasty Blog.

A woman awakes during the night, and her husband isn’t in bed with her. She goes downstairs to look for him. She finds him sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in front of him. He appears to be in deep thought, just staring at the wall. She watches as he wipes a tear from his eye and takes a sip of his coffee. “What’s the matter, dear?” she asks. “Why are you down here at this time of night?”

The husband looks up from his coffee, “Do you remember 20 years ago when we were dating, and you were only 16?” he asks solemnly.

“Yes, I do,” she replies.

“Do you remember when your father caught us in the back seat of my car making love?”

“Yes, I remember,” says the wife, lowering herself into a chair beside him.

The husband continues, “Do you remember when he shoved the shotgun in my face and said, ‘Either you marry my daughter, or I’ll send you to jail for 20 years?’”

“I remember that, too,” she replies softly.

He wipes another tear from his cheek and says, “I would have gotten out today.”



Amid the disaster

Hope blooms eternal.

A small Swedish boy in Thailand with his family was reunited with his family after a tidal wave washed over one thousand five hundred people. More info.




Week Two is here:

This weeks Spectrum Perspective is: Is the American electoral process broken? If not, why and can it be improved? If it is broken, what needs to be changed?




Looking at my stats since I put up my counter several weeks into this little endeavor is really interesting. According to GoStats, my counter I'm currently number fifty for their category of "government and society" sites. Given that I’ve only been open for the bemusement of the (very small) masses for a short time I consider this a good sign. True that Instapundit Guy gets more hits per hour than I do per day... I find it interesting and encouraging. I do however wonder how accurate said counter is.

So I’ve decided to conduct an experiment... Three of my friends have written a couple damn good books; unfortunately, as good as these guys are not enough people have heard of them. So for the sake of the giggles, and gaming the system, and not so incidentally introducing you to three good guys.

Our buddies at Amazon, rank items, in part, by how many clicks they get and how often they are searched for. So let’s see how far you, I and our friends can move three books up the list

Michael Z. Williamson of Blogspectrum fame is up for a Prometheus award for his debut novel Freehold. His next book "Targets of Opportunity" his next book is ranked entirely to low for me, and is due out March first.

As I mentioned Dave Freer's A Mankind Witch is an excellent book in one of the best series on the market. #78,151

Finally, Lars Walker has an impressive remix of Hamlet, community theatre, Norse mythology and out and out good writing in his 2003 "Blood and Judgment". Is just plain not selling fast enough.

One of the other ways you move something up the list is by getting it linked to higher ranked items. For example if y'all happen to search for "Harry Potter #6" aka "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" it will appear in those lovely "People who shopped for..." links when others shop for their next Hogwarts adventure.

So three books to search for after you make your obligatory trip to the Altar of Rowling:
1. "Targets of Opportunity Michael Z. Williamson"
2. "A Mankind Witch Dave Freer"
3. "Blood and Judgment Lars Walker"

Click forth and may chaos be thy name!

Oh yeah, lets see if we can move me up Gostats list of sites, i'd like to break the top 25 "Government and Society" sites.



Happy Christmas

Nine years ago a baby was found wrapped in a curtain in a trailer park in Colorado. His birth mother was never found, but he and several younger siblings found a much better family.


A Sad Christmas

It's a sad Christmas for a family in Pasadena. The kids were extensively naughty, the parents made a ruling. The kids promised to be good, then fell off the wagon. The parents made good on the threatened punishment. What's sad isn't that this happened on Christmas, what's sad is that good parenting is considered 'news'. Had myself and my siblings been that outrageously vile my parents would have done something similar, probably donating the gifts to charity.



Nextel and Sprint

I think who ever's brain child this was at Sprint needs to be put out to pasture. The reasons are manifold, and while i don't want to strain the eyes of people by deliniating all of them i will go through a few....
  1. Incompatible networks. IDEN, the network type used by Nextel, and very, very few others is almost completely a technological dead end. The only handset maker with an experience making IDEN handsets is the withering Motorola. Sprint's CDMA is the second most used network type, but Sprint according to industry reports has already made plans to upgrade their network to 3G technology. This means, that unless the 3G plans are held off until the networks are fully meshed, that the post merger Spring would have three or more different network types to manage.
  2. Customer Advantages: Mostly their are none. Nextels business based customer fold is used to being pampered, and Sprint is the company that invented customer service with fees. The projected date for a handset that will work on both networks is 2006. Yes, the year after next.
  3. Billing and rate plans. Both Nextel and Sprint offer a plethora of plans, and having legacy customers who refuse to switch will complicate things, and cause further cutomer upset when they can't get the service and answers they desire from service center operators.
Honestly, both companies customers would be better served by a Sprint/Verizon merger or even a T-Mobile/Nextel merger. IDEN being a derivative of the GSM technology used by T-Mobile and Cingular my specualtion is that the technological hurdles would be a lot lower, and everybody has better customer service than Sprint.



Another insurgent group

Dating back to February, the terrorist group Jaish Ansar al-Sunnah (JAAS) has been striking coalition forces through out Iraq. On November twenty-fifth information drop they claimed to have bombed the site of planned proto Alawi-cabinet meetings. They are also responsible for today’s attacks on the makeshift dining hall where at least fourteen American troops were killed as well as several allied troops.

Is this group the next Al Quieda? Is this Iraq's Hammas?


Its begun

BlogSpectrum is into its first week of intelligent commentary and insightful analysis!

Check it out



Blatant plug and a bit on the publishing world.

And it’s not even for me.

One of my favorite author’s newest books just became available for preorder. Dave Freer, among the best fantasy writers of the day is set to release his first solo book in a few years. Working with in the same world that the stunning epics The Shadow of the Lion, and This Rough Magic were composed with Mercedes Lackey and Eric Flint, Dave has written a book that nestles between the two previously released books without a single continuity error, or making the story seem contrived . A Mankind Witch follows Erik, Manfred, and Francesca through the frozen north and into situations fit to freeze the blood. There are several new comers to the book. It is entirely safe to read this before or after the chronologically later This Rough Magic. I happen to get my greedy paws on an advanced copy and can tell you that this book in no way suffers from the lack of the formidable talents of Lackey, and Flint. It stands on its own and highlights the appreciable talents of Freer.

Now why am I blathering on and on about a book none of you will be fortunate enough to put your hands on for months? Well aside from A) Liking Dave’s work, and B) liking Dave, and C) liking to tease and torment, it’s simple. With the exception of a very few top names in the publishing world there are two main banes to exposure for an author.
So here's the cover:

Here’s a review of the first book in the series: by me.

And here are a couple places you can preorder it.

Amazon Jabberwocky Mysterious Galaxy



In high school, I knew a lot of guys, and even a few girls who were all hyped up to join the military. We were temporarily between 'patriotic causes'. This one bound for the marines, those two for navy. The one with the girl on his arm that every other guy in school wanted to date, off to the air force, his best friends all bound for the army. No doubts, just the knowledge that this was their place in life. You could see that self knowledge resident in their very being. Without even the swagger they walked different, they had the same accents and the same vocabulary but they spoke differently too. After you knew the look of the military destined, it wasn't something you ever forgot. Today the Boston Globe did a piece on some classmates who won't be at their next reunion.

A thank you to Bill Trippe over at CounterPundit for the lead.



First Bush, then Sharpton, now Jackson?

What is wrong with the world when I have to compliment Bush, Sharpton, and Jackson all in one year? Good Dog can't we go back to simpler times when we could all just blindly hate and disparage people at will! I blame the multinational media, the military industrial complex, the NSA, Organized Crime, the Jewish rulers of Washington DC, all of whom are just puppets for the extra terrestrial Illuminati.

The NIH has released for use in Africa Nevirapine, an AIDS drug that failed to pass US standards. Reverend Jackson in his attempt to remind people that even clocks set to military time are right every once in a while has decried this as further marginalization of Africa. Among the problems with the drug's release are:

• The reports that allowed it be released at all were doctored.
• The drug itself has high instances of death.
• It can interfere with other drugs causing them to be processed to fast by the liver.
• Liver problems.

This does not sound like a reasonable drug especially not given that Africa has most of the worlds AIDS cases.


Housekeeping 2

No, i didn't get pissy and delete all the comments, i intalled Haloscan for trackbacks and it deleted all of them. It would have been nice to know that ahead of time.


Blogspectrum will be rending into the first issue on Monday... what will it be.


Dead pool time

Joe Cartagena Aka "Fat Joe" The Latino king of rap is just plain ready to follow in his boy Big Puns foot steps. Less Chili dogs and pizza niño
Elizabeth Taylor. She looks like she was buried in '99
Pope John Paul II. Someone will sneeze, it will knock him over.
Scott Peterson. Killed in a prison riot.
Rush Limbaugh. Someone will force him to eat his own words
Michael Moore. Someone will force him to eat his own words.
Trent Lott. Someone Klansman will shut him up for their own protection.
Terrell Owens. He'll trip and be crushed by his own tremendous ego.
Mariah Carey. Someone will get her on the right medication, she'll realize she ceased to be relevant or respected in any community in 98 and it she'll go the Kurt Cobain rout.
Jessee Jackson His babies momma's will catch up with him and lynch him for back child support.
Whitney "Crack is whack" Houston. 'Nuff said.
Liza "I never beat my husbands" Minelli
Estelle Getty, who remembers life before the industrial revolution
Vladamir Putin. The Russian president who can be safely blamed for their next revolution.
Fidel Castro. Smoking kills silly.

This bit of insanity is inspired by the nice folks over at Dead Pool who annually run a contest to see who can pick the most celebrities to buy the farm the next year.

If you decide to play to, list me as the loony who referred you.


Post Peterson Tv

Since the media seems to have felt the need to have at least one major media circus in a court room going on at any one time, the next likely candidate is probably The Corbin case in Alabama. The accused is the husband of the decedent, they were apparently going through a not pretty divorce. The victim was found by their seven year old son. Of positively amazing coincidence is the fact that about a decade and half ago there was a young woman dating the accused who died, and was found in very similar circumstances.

And yet there are people who want to make divorce harder.

A hat tip (or maybe a black fist?) to Michael King of Ramblings* for the story.

*Currently Blogrolled under The Rest as Black, Right & Politicly Incorrect


News from Planters Country

It seems the nice folk out in the land of fruits and nuts are at it again. Apparently its possible to ban handguns, and not infringe on the rights to bear arms. Alphecca gives it the once over. Remember kids Big Brother San Francisco knows best.


Billion dollar spam killer?

I'm not sure, but it does put the professional spammers (as opposed to your aunt Jane who forwards you every Internet hoax, chain letter, inspirational letter, and been around the Internet six or seven million times joke she gets) on notice that their days are numbered. I think that the ISP is unlikely to collect, but i hope he can at least seize all the assets of the companies he won against. I wonder how likely it is that he'll pass along any of what he does collect, after legal fees and costs, to his customers. He's just won a huge lawsuit against three spammers.

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.


Tech and Politics

Take note, and please clear your airways: I dislike Bush, but i'm paying him my second compliment in less than one month .

Bush has ordered up plans that would disable Americas GPS.

Of course he's now had over four years to consider this given that its been since the Clinton administration since this was even talked of.

This is a good thing, it will make it more difficult for the nefarious to take action. True one could have hoped that Bush had kept this on the down-low so that potential terrorists wouldn't have any warning and would not know to start looking for alternative tracking methods, but i suppose one can't have everything.



It Begins

Blogspectrum will kick off next week, we've added someone who probably falls under the header of 'progressive' and a pair of self described socialists. I'd live to find a few Americans of the Red persuasions and maybe a few eco-nuts, um people most concerned with the environment. If you fit the bill, and are an experienced blogger there is still time to be a keel plate owner on the good ship Blogspectrum.

I’m still hoping a certain SF/F author of the Red variety decides to join, but he’s a busy, busy, bear.



Theres still time.

The Spirit of America Challenge, while officially over, is still accepting donations. Your favorite team, would love to move up the ranks another notch.

And those lunatics, over at Blogspectrum will be starting next week.



I got this....

From The Moderate Voice, who got it from Sister Novena, who got it from Mike Malloy.

Who's going to get it from you?



A message about choice

Despite viewing the world through anything but rose tinted lenses, I am occasionally surprised by the things I come across. While shopping online tonight I ran across some very, very funny t-shirts. Most of which were only slightly outside what most people would wear in public. I have a low sense of humor, I firmly believe in the First Amendment. I'll be the last person to ever tell anyone how to live, who they can and can't or should or should not associate with. Life however has a funny habit of jumping up and tipping ones world view. I rarely encourage anyone to boycott companies, I dislike both Target for their treatment of employees, and Wal-Mart for manifold reasons, but I do little beyond spend as little as possible there.

This time I’m asking. There are a series of links below. The company selling these items is one of those things wrong with America. Pass this message or even the link to it along.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4


Go figure

The French apparently like their bulls the way they do their government.

I wonder if this condition is a prerequisite to getting elected, the effect, or simply the cause of running in the first place.



The team is now $30 (or four grande's at Starbucks) away from our goal, and the project ends tonight. You don't want to listen to me whine if we fail. Remember this is about education, not if you belive the person in the Oval Office is right or wrong.


A wee bit

Over the top, but funny none the less. The Bull Moose has some interesting things to say about the medals awarded out yesterday by our CIC.


Last Chance

This is your last chance to prove you have a heart. The Spirit of America Challenge ends today. The team is still $145.00 away from its goal. With your help, the team can move into a top five slot, and more importantly help reequip Iraq with the tools of education. A better educated Iraq is the biggest cornerstone to continued freedom for its people, stability for the region, and a dearth of future American intervention.

Come on people, cowboy up.



Reason #2 ...

...why i don't date much. Head Games! I can't stand them. What in the world is wrong with actually talking to people yourself?? Hmm? You want to date, possibly sleep with and maybe even marry someone but you can't talk to them yourself? Get real, leave seventh grade behavior behind with seventh grade please.



Sign of?

Is it a sign of how dissatisfied many Americans are with the current President that he hasn't even been re inaugerated and we have front runners for the next election, or just the new face of politics.

Either way I find it bemusing that the man most republicans found to liberal not to long ago is already a 'major force'. Could we McCain & Rice riding the elephant in two thousand eight?


Killer Fruitcakes?

It seems that December twenty fifth is one of the http://www.cnn.com/2004/HEALTH/12/13/health.holidays.reut/index.html days of the year. Nearly thirteen percent more people die on that day than any other of the year. It's gotta be the fruitcakes. Or is it grandma's knitted sweaters?



More on Rwanda & Congo

This story keeps getting more interesting. Like any conflict there are at least five more sides and competing truths than there are participants. Rwanda says they have non sent troops into the Congo at all. The Congo claims they have. And independent sources say different things. One blames domestic unrest, the other blames the Rwanda. Two weeks ago, the situation was much the same, I’m hoping for more clarity in the near future. It should be noted that The Congo has upcoming elections in the new year and several of the seated members of government had strong ties to Rwanda and are expected to do poorly.


It takes Adware to remove Adware?

This is just funny. Two of those oh-so-nice organizations responsible for putting adware on your computer without bothering to ask you if you would like to have it there, are fighting it out in court. It appears that Direct Revenue products removes the competing Avenue Media's program. The company whose product is evicted by the others is suing for lost revenue. They claim that thanks to the removal they are losing $7000 dollars in revenue a day. I hope the Judge requisitions both of their instillation records and fines them a few thousand dollars per instillation.


Blog Spectrum

Yes, I had a recent delusion. I decided I could gather an interesting group of people to put together a group issues analysis think tank. So it’s begun. I have a pair of conservatives, someone who leans left, and a few shades of moderate. I'd like to add a few more sensible folk especially a liberal or three. We'll be kicking things off soon, with some of our soon to be patented hard hitting intelligent commentary. You can find us, over here, or in the sidebar.




I was too subtle the other day. You and your friends, co-workers, and family can make a differnce.

The Spirit of America Challenge ends in just a couple days. These people need money. You are by definition vastly better off than the Iraqi's. This is one of the ways we can help show that Americans aren't all gun totting soldiers and Bush boot lickers who live only to kill the very people we are claiming to help. Get out your credit card, or log into Paypal and send a few dollars. With your help this team can raise $1000 by the end of the fund raiser. Tell your friends and family about it, email the link out to everyone you know with instructions to do the same.


When creating more lawyers is a good thing.

The University of Massachusetts is set to acquire a school. The states public university would be set to take over Southern New England Law School in Dartmouth with a sticker price of nothing. The law school is unaccredited and estimates vary on how much it will cost and how long it will take to reach accreditation, but I feel strong that this is a good thing. If we lower the cost of becoming a lawyer, we can lower the cost of hiring lawyers. With a lower financial hurdle to becoming a lawyer we will almost certainly gain more advocates for people without deep pockets. Massachuessetts stands to gain by this, both in terms of educational opportunities, and civil and criminal justice.


Anyone know what "Seppuku" is in Korean?

How do you make a nation that already dislikes you but is doing something nice anyway stop? Give them the wrong remains. North Korea which lies safely in the hands of our boy Kim, has committed an egregious diplomatic gaffe. They shipped the wrong body to Japan, when asked to return the body of an abducted girl missing nearly twenty years. Her parents were in parliament while economic sanctions were discussed, Japan had already canceled sending their allotment of food.


Northern Lights

It seems the US is going to be beaten out by our neighbors to the north again they are working at legalizing homosexual marriage nation wide. They even acknowledge the fact that they can not force clergy (of all faiths) to perform homosexual marriage.


When did it happen and why wasn't i told?

Apparently, hell has frozen over.

On a recent CNN Jerry Falwell the leading light of the Conservative far Reich, I mean Right, and Al Sharpton his opposite number (Does that make him a trailing dark? Never mind...) got together and were questioned on gay marriage and what it means. The Good Reverend Falwell surprised me in no way shape or form save one. The boy could give Clinton lessons in not answering questions. We all know that Falwell like everyone's best buddy Trent lot has a low opinion of gays, Jews, women.... pretty much everyone who doesn't look like him and worship the ground he hovers above. And of course, "The Liberal Media" has shown us for years, decades in fact that Sharpton is nothing short of an old vaudeville show negro come to life. So what was it that happened that made me believe I might have to shut up and date the girl from junior high with the four inch space between her teeth and more freckles than an entire Irish clan?

Al Sharpton did something I here-to-fore thought impossible.

He said something I agree with.

That's right he said something I agree with that wasn't a typo, I'm not that tired. What pray tell did he say?

Here it is:
I think marriage is a two-pronged thing. We have marriage based on the church and the church has the right to take that position. But you have marriage based on law, and based on law, I think that we do not have the right to tell people that they have to conduct their lives in the way we may believe according to our religion or according to our own sense of values. People have the right, if they're consenting adults, to make decisions even if we believe they're sinful.

He was being sensible, and not trying to move into the bedrooms of all of America, will wonders never cease. The full transcript is located over at Blackelectorate.com




Just a quick i'm still alive post...

Yahoo has jumped their free email up to 250 MB's!

And i was getting so close to having to delete stuff.



This Day.

There aren't many things that will make me declare someone a "Bad American". On the whole, I simply don’t have any desire to make grand and sweeping pronouncements. Today I make one: Anyone who does not know what today is deserves the epithet of "Bad American". On this day, we suffered the most vicious attack, and heinous losses against any foreign opponent at see in our history. In a few short moments, the war that would decide the balance of history not just for the nations locked in combat rending each other with fang and claw but for the entire world. A fleet at rest was rent, and smashed. A nation left bereft and enraged. One of our most unyielding leaders would be forced to bend to the task of war.

The infamy is not forgotten.

Thank you to all the men and women who have, do, and will safeguard the freedom of America.


Another reason why

The US military kicks ass. Our friends at BlackFive have a letter up from one of our service women in Iraq that provides another expamle of why we have the most effective miliary on the planet.



Tech News

The cell phone industry's top three manufacturers have had a shakeup. Samsung has eclipsed Motorola to become the number two manufacturer. As someone who works in the industry, I'm wholly unsurprised. Motorola has had quality control issues on several of its more popular phones in the last few years, while Samsung has latched onto the high end market and made it their own. Nokia remains the number one manufacturer a position it has built and maintained thanks to its nearly whole sale ownership of the entry level phone market.


House keeping

First an apology for all the broken links the past couple days, by the time i get to my blog nightly its usually fairly late. It appears that this is also the time that Blogger does it backup, not a pretty combination.

Second, the blogroll is updated, and broken into "The Brave" (those linked to me) and "The Rest". If you'd like to be listed, show me what you've got. If you dislike your nickname in "The Rest" tell me, i might even change it. Or you could just blogroll me and get moved to "the Brave".

Third, What kinda cheep asses are y'all? The Spirit of America Challenge has been up for days, and most of the teams donations have been home grown. I'm not asking for much, five dollars if you can, one dollar if you can. I don't agree with the way Bush has conducted the war. However the flat out truth is the better job we do of rebuilding Iraq the less likely we will have to go do this again in ten years. And if you absolutely cannot stand to be a part of 'the war effort' donate to Toys for Tots, a local 4H club, a religious organization, a research hospital or even an animal shelter. If helping people doesn't make you feel better you are a sicker sob than the former leader of Iraq.



451f is coming

I've known for a very long time that Ray Bradbury was a talented writers with a true gift for both word smithy and story craft that few could rival. What i did not know is that he apparently has some ability to read the future. While i personally don't care what what adult (or similar aged teen) is doing with a consenting partner, I am perfectly willing to read about it in moderation. I'm also like anyone else capable of opening a book, able to close the book and stop reading. Apparently our good buddy Gerald Allen of Alabama doesn't feel that people in his state are able to do these things. He has decided that making all state funded libraries from elementary school through public and college libraries no longer carry any books that do anything less then condemn homosexuality. It doesn't matter if they are fiction or non fiction in Alabama if this small minded bigot gets his way, it will be the next best thing to impossible for people to get a fair and balanced accounting of homosexuality.

It should be noted that Mr. Allen has both his home and office addresses and phone numbers listed on his website.


Things we already knew:

Apparently it takes a Goobermint study, and who knows how much money to tell us that Abstinence Only courses (vs well rounded sex education) distorts the truth, and contain bad information. California's Henry Waxman has recently released the report that contradicts and critically analyzes programs developed by certain conservative groups.

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