The Second NFAA

That's right ladies and gentlemen, the Need For Architecture Award is back. Unlike the first award which was taken by someone for their overly vociferous criticism off the left, this one goes the other way. In all fairness this may not be fair to quantify as criticism of the right, because this award seems tailor made for this winner.

Not only does the redoubtable Joe Vialls has decided that the South East Asian Tsunami was not a natural event. And has even provided a handy map to tell us where the real epicenter of the earthquake was. Although Joe says it wasn't really an earthquake, it was a Nuclear Warhead. And it was of course set off at the behest of Wall Street. I'll not lower your IQ's by posting it here, feel free to follow the links and see for yourself. It's an amazing piece of out of ass slight of mind, ah, hand.

Hat tip, and a thank you to Tex over at Whacking Day who grabbed this story and did his own longer tribute to our friend Joe.


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