Erasing the lines

Did you know our President spent one billion dollars on "faith based initiatives" in 2003? This borders on the demographic that Bush not so incidentally relies upon to be his bread and butter at the polls. This type of blatant vote buying is not only unAmerican, it erases the lines between church and state. Those lines were put there to protect America and keep her from coming under thumb of a theocracy. Apparently, Bush feels he knows better than the men who actually framed the Constitution and the institutions that support it. Apparently the people who actually fought in a war to protect everyone’s liberty don't know as much as someone who lost their flight status and never managed to get on the same continent as the enemy. As appalling as it is that the President feels Bushicana is more valid, and more worthy than Americana, not only could this money have been better spent on his much lauded, and chronically under funded No Child Left Behind. And in displaying the same competence he used in 'planning' the war in Iraq several of the charities on the list aren't even "faith based".


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