Happy Turkey Day!

Thanks for reading all, and putting up with prolonged absences between posts, there will be more posts soon, possibly even today.

Happy Thanksgiving enjoy it where ever you are and whom ever you are with.



Why ain't this attempted murder?

Ok, AIDS is a deadly disease. It doesn't decrease quality of life, it doesn't make you less attractive, it kills you. Yet why, oh why are the nice people in GA not convicting people who knowingly have unprotected sex with someone when they have AIDS, and haven't told their partner? This is absolutely ludicrous.


News to make the parents of little boys smile

It seems that Michael "I did not have relations with that boy, or that one, or that one, or that one." Jackson has said he's going to make his permanent home outside the US. Bahrain appears to be the country where parents should put their sons on guard. On the plus side, his dear, dear daddy wants him and the other brothers to do a new album.

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