The CO does week six

I was going to make this a short and snarky: With a guillotine across the throat of anyone suggesting it. Unfortunately, since everyone else is being mute, it’s my duty to stir the pot just a bit.

Censoring starts, and should end at home. It is neither the job, nor the right of government to decide what I can and can’t see, hear, read, or wear. If I choose to get on TV and sing about a sexual encounter I had in an airliner bathroom with two flight attendants, and I happen to have video of it playing, so be it. If you are offended by it, it is your TV you can turn it off. You can change the channel. If someone writes a book that depicts carnal acts involving six men a goat four pints of ice dream and enough leather to upholster a car, you have the right not to read it, you have the right to be offended. You can choose for yourself, and for your minor children, in your home. However, your rights end there. America is not supposed to have thought police, or a Synod of Censors. And yet in all violation of the first amendment there is the FCC.


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