The First IWT NFAA!

Today I award the first in what I'm sure will become a long history of my new award.

Today I present the first ever NFAA, the Need For Architecture Award. This award will be given to those who show ample need of someone to build a bridge so they can get over it. Sometimes it will go to authors, other days athletes, entertainers, or musicians, most often it will go to politicians and pundits, as does today’s.

Since I consider myself a form of moderate, and pretty open-minded it’s rare for me to actually be offended on behalf of either wing. Usually both are shrill in just the right tones to drown each other out. Once in a while, someone is shrill at a deafening volume. What is worst is when that happens with a usually reasonable person. I've complimented this person’s wit in the past, but this message goes beyond the realm of reason.

Casually painting everyone on the Left of oneself as being as utterly inane, asinine, and myopic as Moveon.Org is as completely obnoxious as labeling everyone on the Right with same charming epithets one might use to describe Trent Lott and David Duke. It’s untrue, utterly absurd, and undermining to ones future efforts to sound reasonable.

So Moxie, display your award proudly.



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