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... to stay in line with my New Years Resolutions, I will post this one for the edification of the readers...


Never again

I attempted to order a camera online for my upcoming vacation from several assholes over at AMPhotoworld.com. I ordered Saturday during their business hours. I then got the confirmation almost immediately. Today, when I checked my email for anything (its an email address I only use for buying things online) I discovered an additional confirmation email that required me to call them to confirm that the order, it was sent more than 48 hours after the order was placed. When I called they said the number indicated, I got someone's voicemail. Well over an hour later I get a call back, at a different number from the one I left instructions to call. They tell me that my order won't arrive until Friday or possibly Monday. Friday is the day after I leave, and Monday is the day I return. I ask, "Can you deliver it to my hotel in VA?" they answer, "It is against our policy to ship to hotels." Apparently customer service is against their policies too, I called back a bit later to attempt to get some answers, the only response I got was "Are you canceling the order?" to which I gave them the only intelligent answer possible. They are now on the list of company's I will not do business with.



PBS goes the TO route

In a shameful display of mindlessly cowing to the Goobermints decidedly anti-American prejudice, PBS has shown less in the way of testicular hypertrophy than Terrell Owens did. They had shot, produced, and planned to air an episode of their popular show "Postcards from Buster" which features an animate rabbit that visits different places and the shows are about what he finds there, they now will not be running it. In an episode titled "Sugartime!" which concentrates on farming and maple sugar production, the two farms are run by a pair of lesbian couples with kids in Vermont. The Goobermint, and supposedly exec's at PBS decided after dumping all the money into making the show that perhaps people might not want to let their offspring view 'that sort of thing'.

These people are so desperately in need of growing the hell up. Even if the children catch the significance of the couples:
This type of "thinking" is endemic of a mentality that is so fiercely, willfully ignorant it refuses to even consider the possibility that anyone who believes differently than they do could possibly be a decent person, or that they themselves might possibly be wrong about anything.



All in the family

Senator Alan Keyes has recieved a challenge to his name recognition. And probably not from the quarter he expected. His daughter has come out saying that
  1. He's wrong
  2. She's "queer"
  3. She intends to make waves.
For those who have forgotten Alan Keyes is the conservative Republican Senator from Illinois, a state which ironically elected the liberal Barrack Obama to the senate, who called homosexuality "selfish hedonism" and called Elizabeth Cheney who is the second highest ranked member of the US Middle East diplomatic corps and the daughter of Vice President Cheney, a "sinner". Apparenlty Alan has forgotten Luke's words about why one should not judge.



The Hunt Begins Again

BlogSpectrum is on the grow again, if you have a blog and would like to join, email me a link or two and i'll take a look.

If you don't have a blog, email me a write up on one of the issues we've done.



Its so hard to get rid of gun control laws. People like this are why its so hard. This man should be encouraged to play with guns, frequently, and by himself where he can't hurt anyone worth saving, which does not include himself.



Pop Quiz Answer or Black (and White) History Month 2

Yep, Doctor Martin Luther King enjoyed the company and support of the man well remembered for his part in the original "Planet of the Apes" movies, and for his role in "The Ten Commandments". The man who would later head the NRA and piss off namby pamby liberals across the country was one of the "rable rouser's" who took to the streets of Alabama. Can we have a salute for a real man?

Charleton Heston.



Pop Quiz

Name the White Celebrity who marched side by side with Martin Luther King and is pictured next to him on the steps of a certain government building.




I'm indesperate need of help (no not my well known mental problems) but i need help for two things semi-connected to my blog.

1) I really want to update my blog and perhaps give it a complete make over. I'd like to find some new templates since the ones Blogger offers are a bit vanilla. But what i really want is suggestions for my "best" posts, if you have one or two that struck a chord with you, please drop me an email. I won't spam you, i won't even email you again unless you ask me a question, or amuse me.

2) I need to get rid of some of the bleeding Gmail invites i have, one of my accounts has fifty of the lovelies to dispence. Someone please take a half dozen off my hands.




Colorado should refer to this in the future as the Wiley E. Coyote Amendment. It appears that lawyers are using the new amendment to defend their unmarried clients from domestic violence laws. It seems that no matter what bright idea they come up with, no matter how flawless the setup, something always goes wrong.

Thanks Fred.




A heat wave alert has been issued for all six New England
states. People are reminded that in these extreme
temperatures that exercise should be limited to air
conditioned buildings, and after dusk and before dawn. Air
quality is expected to be poor. Neighbors are encouraged to
check on the elderly and infirm. The poor, and those
without working air conditioning are encouraged to go to
shelters or other places where they can seek relief from
the startling and most unexpected heat. All persons are
reminded to drink plenty of water and to avoid alcohol as
it does contribute to dehydration. Temperature's today are
expected to reach as high as 45F in some locations.



Black History Month 1

In talking about Black History, in order for their to be any real recognition of the part that blacks have played in American History and indeed in World History, it is necessary to move being Malcolm and Martin. Today’s historical figure is one that may be responsible for saving more lives than any other in the past century. Born in Washington DC and receiving his first college degree from Amherst University in Massachusetts, this man would do great things. He invented the blood bank, came up with the process that sorts plasma from blood cells and the preservation of, was the first Director of the Red Cross and defied the US War Department mandate about not mixing blood from white and black donors. Today’s Black History Figure is Dr Charles Richard Drew.



Black History Month

While on the whole I find the designation of months for this purpose somewhat counter productive I will be attempting to put together at least one post on Black History a week. The rest will be my usual mix.

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