There may be some fight left in the dog

In a move that surprises, and gladdens me, the Democratic Party may be veering away from Howard “The Scream King” Dean as party chairman. While there are currently nearly as many vying for the position as there are people in the Bush family named George, the one time and short lived front runner for the Democratic tickets top slot has been seen as the most likely person to succeed Terry “We Can Win in Fifteen States” McAuliffe. McAuliffe is the strategic anti-genius that pushed the belief that it was possible to unseat an incumbent war-time president without hitting every state. The new “anti-Dean” is Donnie Fowler, son of one time DNC Chairman Don Fowler, might in some ways be called Terry McAuliffe version 1.5 as he says “My plan for the Democratic National Committee will build on the strong legacy created by current Chairman Terry McAuliffe that has rebuilt the national party headquarters”. While just about anyone would be a less screaming left choice than Dean, I don’t see how anyone can make that statement, and of course this one, “First, it is clear that the state chairs want to change the national party's focus from leadership by a small aristocracy of consultants” while the son of a former party leader can actually do anything other than slow the melt down of the Democratic Party. On the other hand, one of the upshots for nearly everyone of having Dean as Chair would be keeping him from running for the Presidency himself anytime soon.

Am i the only one who finds it ironic that Fowler who wants to build on McAuliffes legacy has titled his blog "Change the Party" ?


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