Obama and Wright

Those who know me will know that I'm not a big fan of Barrack Obama. In fact, I dislike all three of the major candidates. But I now personally revile Reverend Wright. I hate those who feed racism, who feed fear, and who feed their own ego with constant grand standing for whatever their cause is. Yes. there are grains of truth to the asinine nonsense falling from Wrights lips, however, there's no damned proof. We all know the story behind the Tuskegee Airmen experiments, and that is in theory the basis for the so called argument that the government created AIDS to kill blacks. Honestly, I think Wright and his ilk give the government too much credit for competence. Whether the ability to create a disease like AIDS was or wasn't beyond the ability of scientists in the late seventies just before it was first diagnosed and classified, isn't worth addressing. The fact that they really think our government could keep anything like that secret is only slightly more credulous than the moon being made of cheese.

I got to watch the good Reverend let nonsensical proposition after inane clause after preposterous prepositional phrase flow from his mouth like the inflow pipe at a grey water treatment plant, I grew more and more disgusted. Reverend Wright was entirely focused on being entertaining and drawing attention to himself. He clearly believes himself to possess the mantle of Martin, but he reminded me of those old minstrel shows with some so called comedian in blackface. For the first time, I found a reason to respect Obama for his courage. Wright is the man who performed his marriage ceremony, and baptized his children, to say what he did to Wright and publicly sever a relationship not for need but for cause takes the sort of moral courage more Americans could stand to have.

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Dictionary Entry: Activist Judge

From the The Casual Observer's Political Dictionary
Activist Judge (noun) A judge with opinions other than yours.
Generally used as a slur, and often used to justify calls for public election of all jurists.

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