And this is why...

This is why we spend lots of money trainingour military. This is why our military is when unfettered by asinine international rules, Congressional hand wringing, and Presidential limpwristery, the most effective military force in the world. Not only do they have some of the shiniest and prettiest things that go boom, they have the sense to use them, or not use them properly. They also have the training to see bad ju-ju when its buried in front of them. Hence why you'll note there are no American's closer than the chopper crew in this video.

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Bye Bye Romney

It appear that former Massachusetts's Governor Mitt Romney is out of the race. I'm not entirely surprised by this. McCain already has of the delegates needed to win the nomination. It also doesn't take a genius to figure out that both McCain and Huckabee were more worried about Romney than each other or anyone else. But most of all, as i suspected Romney failed to prove he was electable. He failed to raise money, he failed to win in big states, and as a Mormon he offends a large number of conservative Christians simply by existing. At this point I expect to see Huckabee stay in through two more rounds, and then be offered the second slot on the McCain ticket if he exits. The bad part of a combination of these two is that neither has been all that successful at raising money.

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The Big Dance - Super Tuesday

After the Big Dance that is the Super Tuesday we'll know little more than we knew about the election two days ago. We know that the far right took at look at a pandering loon (McCain), a snake oil salesman (Romney), and a Bible molester who's as tough on crime as baby shampoo (Huckabee) and decided that the equivalent of rocks, paper, scissors was as good a way to choose as any.

On the other side among the two socialists people had to decide between Dread Dame Hammer and Sickle or Mr. Congeniality. I'm betting that a coin toss was the way that most of them decided.

When we all wake up in the morning, we'll see two people really close together among the socialists with no real stake in helping America do anything but help them stay in power. On the other side we'll see the Loon with a noticeable, but not dominating lead, The Snakeoil Salesman will be a bit behind and in a near or real dead heat with the Bible Molester..

The interesting thing is that while B.M. made a speech to his supporters about the need to for 'healing the party', he then did an interview with CNN and started talking about tSS flip flopping. Someones speaking out of both sides of their mouths.

You heard it here first. The fall republican ticket with be headlined by the Loon with the BM as the interpreter for the voices.

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