More on my piteous whining...

It works so well... that I’ve decided when I run for public office that it will be my strategy, I won't answer issues questions, I won't shake babies and kiss hands, I’ll just whine until people agree to vote for me.

Several weeks ago, I whined at the self described "Attention Whore" The Cunning Linguist, and he decided to join the BlogSpectrum team, again probably just to shut me up. Somehow, the moss and mold bestrewn piece of discarded silly putty I occasionally refer to as my brain managed not to update the team member listing at the time. That's done now, go visit the boy and tell him you'll ravish him with the attention he deserves.

The other person I was whining at this week has also decided to come play at BlogSpectrum. Derek who maintains his own thought repository over at Weapon of Mass Distraction is another of the new righties who caved to my Piteous Whine of Doom I was looking for; hopefully this will inspire Walt & Quilly to remember where the page is. Of course, if any of you want to go remind them feel free.

*Updated to correct my mental flatulence.


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