Shake watcha Mama gave ya: Career Day in San Fran

So its career day in Junior High and a Management specialist comes in to talk you your students. The student are paying attention. The speaker has a list of nearly one hundred and fifty choices and focuses on people finding jobs that please them. In fact the speaker titles the seminar, which has taken place more than once previously at your school, "The Secret of a Happy Life". On the list is "Exotic Dancer", a student asks a question about it, followed by another and the speaker answers them. Now like any Q & A it comes at the end of a long presentation, in this case fifty five minutes. Isn't it a good sign that any students were paying enough attention to ask questions at the end of the day? From any of the I could find, he didn't discuss anything other than a few general facts regarding income potential. Apparently, however the Principal is displeased with the fact that the students at his school would dare ask questions. Please note that the schools phone number is at the top of the page in the link provided.


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