Huckabee's Does a Dean

Howard Dean had his I Have A Scream speech in the last elections campaign series. It effectively ended his campaign.

Mike Huckabee has just had his scream.

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Cloned source foods

In a move that simply reinforces my belief that the days of homo-sape as an advanced technological race are doomed the FDA decided it was safe for us to consume meat, milk and produce from cloned sources. Congratulations Asshats! You've just done two stupid things, one was wasting untold millions of dollars studying what we already know, and two you've reinforced the purported need for Big Brother. The first was accomplished by taking more time and money than it takes to state "Hey people, we've been eating meat that has been genetically identical to meat from another animal since the dawn of our omnivorous ancestors. They are called twins." The second was the natural product of any government bureaucracy that doesn't exist simply to settle disputes or treat with foriegn powers.

"Scotty, beam me aboard theres no intelligent life on this planet."

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Another day another winner

This years primary seasons is proving the enthusiastic distaste most of America holds for those attempting to roll their way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Three pre-election events, three pre-election winners. The winner of todays event in Michigan is likely to be Twitt Romney. Mr. Personality has finally won one. Yippie. Now we can look forward to several months of flip-flopping that makes Kerry look like a fundie. Sadly, given that he's running against a pandering loon (McCain), a (political) party hopping elitist (Giuliani) and a low rent Billy Graham turned politico (Huckabee) its really hard to say who really is the worst of the bunch.

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Wagging the Eagle.

In a clear cut case of a couple school yard bullies threatening to attack the army base down the block, Iran is busy making a nuisance of itself, again. Not content with the past several years of nuclear grand standing, or even their presidents recent trip to America and his hilarious interview on national television they've decided to harass American war ships in the Persian Gulf. If they were doing so in the same way China did a few weeks ago it would be admirable, if irritating. Because the Iranians don't comparatively have anything north of a pop-gun to threaten the US with, they chose to circle around USN ships and offer of crude threats.

When will we have a government actually does something intelligent about things like this? Honestly, don't know where the useful men and women in Washington have been the last forty or fifty years, but this is pathetic. The goobermint should either not acknowledge stuff like this publicly which just validates the gits or should drop the hammer on them. The Iranians threatened to blow up the US ships. The US has had ships, the Cole for instance attacked in that area. The navy should have sunk the damn speed boats and offered sincere apologies to the Iranians, and expressed a firm belief that the decedents were surely renegades and their actions were not of course sanctioned by the Iranian government or naval command structure.

Self defense is a must, you can only have so many mad men threaten you with dire fates before one of them tries, there is no need to let someone who states they are going to kill you stick around long enough to try.

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NH Results: Up is down

The only thing we know right now, is that this promises to be a long campaign season. The people who won in Iowa, are not winning in New Hampshire. At this point it looks like Hillary Clinton will walk out of the Granite State with a win for the equines, and that McCain will put a win in the trunk for the pachyderms.

If things finish as they stand now with a low thirty percent of the pols reporting, Obama will finish second. On the other side Mike Huckabee is currently holding less than a third of the votes of the GOP lead and is well behind the second place Mitt Romney.

Sports leagues try for parity to make things more interesting. I think the political parties try for parity to keep us disinterested and disengaged from our government.


More Guns means more death and more crime?

Apparently not. Not surprisingly to anyone who's studied the issue, versus those who have just emoted about it. It seems that in Michigan where six years ago the state reformed their laws to make carrying a concealed weapon easier that just the opposite effect has been observed. Gun crimes are down, violent crime is down. Still the emoters protest that gun crimes are being under reported. Grosse Point's Shikha Hamilton had come to the conclusion that there is some sort of cover up going on. Some how she's decided that there is a benefit to some group with the power to cover things up. Let's see, the police would benefit by what, less paper work? Of course less paperwork is obviously a reason to cover up lives being lost. Or maybe the media is covering things up? Because we all know that flashy gun crimes and things like school shootings, multiple homicides or shootouts with police don't draw people to consume the news. Never has, never will. Or is it possibly the next to useless NRA? The one that even most gun owners think is ineffectual?

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