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My interview with Lois McMaster Bujold was picked as a Hot Pick by the folks at BlogCritics.org. This is my first 'award', but honestly its more a tribute to the writing skill of Ms Bujold. She's one of those people who speaks, or writes and makes any other comment somone could make on the issue entirely superfluous. Nonetheless it was gratifiying to be picked.



Sorry, i got run over by a minor illness that has kept me to dazed to even find stuff to blog about. With luck i'll be along later today with a nice tidbit.



More (possibly) good news for Darfur

The African Union is working the fundraising circuit to healthy rewards. In their efforts to put an end to the obscenity that is Darfur, they have enlisted the economic and advisory aid of the US, NATO, and the EU. The US and Canada alone have pledged nearly $250 of the $723 the AU is seeking. Best of all the AU looks to be coming into its own as a mature regional partnership that will hopefully be able to help settle this without a single US or NATO (more US) troop being put in the line of fire.



Interesting tidbit

I ran across the article while looking up things for a post on Blogspectrum. Very interesting. New Jersey is going to permit two women to be recognized as the 'birth parents' of a little girl. They will both be listed on the little girls birth certificate.



Snelgrove stupidity

The findings are in and Victoria Snelgrove has somehow managed to escape any responsibility for her own death. Commissioner O'Toole has continued the trend of undermining her officers. The facts are: Victoria was not on the streets, or anywhere near the stadium during the game. She knew the crowds had been rowdy in previous nights. Anyone with an IQ measured in double digits, knew it was a near certainty that crowds would again be rowdy. Ms. Snelgrove was not a poor student so we'll assume she did have a sufficient IQ to realized and appreciate these things. Yet, she was still not only in an area the police were rightfully attempting to clear, she was very near the front of the crowd. It's very sad that she died, its sadder still that the officers attempting to save lives and protect property are being held soley responsible for something that Ms Snelgrove played an at least equal part in.


al-Zarqawi wounded?

The short answer is: Who knows.

The long answer is: We can all hope so but i don't think any of us should believe the man is dying until we see the stake go through his heart.

It appears however that man who has bourne the weight of the terrorist struggle on his shoulders fighting is supposedly injured, the US military spokesman has downplayed the issue but the military has gotten very close to catching the wily Jordanian extremist. Last month they managed to get his laptop and car with the man himself just barely escaping.



Bush & Congress

In today's CNN poll both the executive and legislative branches receive very low marks. Congress was described as "spoiled children" by 94% of the voters, and Bush's approval rating was an anemic 1% above his lowest ever.

I don't know why this managed to lose half the content, edited 5/25



French Victory!

In their never ending quest to regain the lost military ardor of the Napoleonic age, the French have scored a great victory. This momentous victory will be an achievement that is not forgotten. I can truthfully say that I don't think that any four men in the US military would even attempt the incredible feat that four of their French counterparts have. Truly all of Europe will tremble at the coming of French troops in the future, and I think even Americans should take heed of where the French might go.


The Spectrum

Last weeks question was on immigration and there were definitely some deep differences, that will hopefully be further explored. This weeks topic is "the worlds oldest profession".

It should prove interesting.



California Abuse

The Arch-diocese of Orange County California has been concealing information. Not so surprisingly it is information regarding the clergy sex abuse scandal. These cases involved a priest and a choir teacher. The abuse involved sexual acts with two female student, one of who got pregnant because of these acts and had an abortion. The other party admits to having wrapped the genitals of a male student in tape under the guise of stopping the boy from masturbating.

The continued obstruction of justice by the church and their widespread endangering of children, including possible exposure to sexually transmitted disease makes me wonder if it isn't time to rethink the amnesty traditionally extended to those who seek sanctuary in church hands. That's not to say that there aren't areas and times when a church could be legitimately sheltering someone who is truly repentant or innocent. However, when men and women confess their actions and are routinely shuffled around it is time for hard questions to be asked, and hard answers come too.



Bush can't see the forest at all.

A bill with over two hundred co-sponsors is about to be passed in the House of Representatives. This bill has bipartisan support. Further it is something that could be a very good thing for America and the world in general. Bush, would like to veto the bill. Despite this bill having wide spread support from the duly elected representatives millions of Americans, Bush wants to veto this bill. This is serious. This is not a budget issue, its not financing some boondoogle that is unworkable or already out dated, this is an industry of the future with far reaching potential to improve the quality and quantity of life human beings and could be the most significant field of medical research since anti-biotic. But Bush doesn't want anyone to take advantage of these opportunities. He thinks, that despite the fact this bill could just pass by a veto over ridding margin, that America doesn't want or doesn't need it.

Mr. President, you need to have someone look up and explain the word "myopia" to you, have them explain all the implications of it as well.


How the US is falling into the research gap

Thanks to the polices of George W Bush, the US is falling or rather has fallen into a huge gap in life saving research. Through out the Cold War our nation took great pains, often with leaders every bit as conservative as Bush, to remain at the forefront in medical, military, and general scientific research. They did this because it was crucial to American survival. It is no less crucial today. We need every single technology we can to help our nations vitality. With the War on Terror, unstable neighbors in Mexico and Venezuela, in the face of the danger of open warfare with the worlds most populous nation, we can not now, nor ever afford to throw away a single advantage. One of the many fruits of the Cold War was that America built an educational system that allowed us to have the finest medical and scientific researchers in the world. Every year thousands upon thousands of people travel to America for medical treatment. This not only reaffirms the gentle giant image America likes to portray, it helps our economy. The flights to the US, the medical services, housing for the families, every place else these visitors spend money go right into our economy. In the past two days, two nations have made strides where Bush would have us hide. On Thursday British scientists announced a successful reproduction of embryonic stem cells, it was followed a day later by South Korean scientists making a similar announcement. This is not good for America. With breakthrough's like this coming from other nations it threatens our ability to attract foreign cash flows, not just for medical purposes but it could put a stopper in the spigot of cash flowing into our higher educational institutes.

In short, polices like Bush's stance on stem cell research, which is no more than pandering to the far right, hurt America. They sacrifice the health, wealth, and happiness to an ideal that is held by only a few members of our society on the far right.



Bad news travels free: Amber alerts on the go.

In a move who's time is here, wireless service providers have agreed to help children and families across the country. They have joined forces with Amber Alerts to allow you to get free to your cell phone, pda, or pager. Given that some providers charge quiet heavily for this service this is a major boon to spreading information on missing children. Sign up takes moments, and requires no personal information beyond mobile number, service provider, and email address. I don't think I want to know anyone who can turn down this opportunity to help children at no cost to themselves.



God Hates 6th Grade Essays?

Those nice folks who run the warm and cheery site GodHatesFags are up in arms, again. This time over the essay of a 12 year old who did an essay on women in history. The focus of the essay? Ellen Degeneres. Not about her sexuality, simply about her. So, round about June sixth it appears that the Dracut school that educates the child will be getting a visit from the Phelps clan and their peculiar brand of lunacy. I might just decide to go down and say "hi" to them. I'll have to bring my camera.



I should be back to at least one or two posts a day as of today for the next couple months. Don't forget that Blogspectrum starts back up todfay. Come watch the fun.



Strange bed fellows

Who'd have thought we'd ever see Clinton getting into bed with Gingrich?

It's happening. Not only is Newt supporting the efforts of Hillary to get a health care bill passed, he is also talking up her chances of election in 2008.

Did I miss hell freezing over?




Almost back.

Blogspectrum will start back up next week. Stay tuned the question will be up soon.




I expect blogging to be sparce until 5/12. If i don't get anything posted before then, see y'all then.



I've posted an interview with Eric Flint over at Blogcritics that is a great look into the mind of a very talented author. Up coming interviews include David Freer and Lois McMaster Bujold. I hope to be able to do about one interview a month, time permitting. I sent a query to David Weber and will be sending them out to a few other authors as I go.




Today I spent about three hours looking through liberal, progressive and other left leaning blogs. I've been looking for more fresh blood for Blogspectrum. I couldn't find one worth a damn today. But that's not really the weird part. I've emailed invitations to join Blogspectrum to about ten lefties over the last two weeks. Anyone care to guess how many responses I've gotten?Hint Hint! If you guess higher than zero, you are dreadfully optimistic.

Well, the hunt continues. If you know a lefty blogger or four I'd like to know about, send me a link.



You heard it here first!

Spring has definitely arrived here in New England.

I've narrowly avoided damage to my front end and undercarriage three nights in a row. Two nights it was skunks, and tonight it was almost a pair of deer crossing the road 20 feet in front of me. Maybe I should have hit them, I do like venison. They'd even have been tenders.


I cry fowl: Or where's the orange sauce?

Actually, I don't much like duck, its bland and greasy, even when cooked by someone damned good, like me. But apparently our secret service types in D.C,> do like them. And despite having the Smithsonian, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and other sites the interest this duck has drawn is anything but all wet.

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