Darkened By Smoke

It appears the dark continent is priming the pump for another continental clash. After continued 'Diplomatic' exchanges between Congo and Rwanda there are reports that Rwandan troops have crossed the border into their neighbor for the third invasion in recent years. In the past clashes between these two nations have cause the deaths of three million and involved nearly a dozen African nations.



The Mononlithic African American: A Lesson in Modern Day Mythology.

In the past few years, and indeed nearly every time an African American gains prominence, and then draws criticism from other blacks, certain segments of the populace get all up in arms. They act like there some sort of internal racism going on. They actually believe that there is something wrong with one member of the perceived African American Monolith having anything negative to say about another. And yet, when confronted with clearly contradictory evidence such as black on black crime, public disagreements on policy and tactics even among Martin Luther King, Junior and Malcolm X, they completely fail to absorb the obvious fallacy of this belief.

Currently the criticism of Secretary of State Nominee Condoleezza Rice is raising the and eyebrows of pundits both professional and part time. But why is that? Reverends Jackson and Sharpton have been running for president since black suffrage, and have consistently failed to gather even a significant minority of voters. They haven't even gathered a proportion equal to "the Black vote". Obviously the "Black Monolith" is a serious fallacy, and yet it lingers.

While i do find it heartening to know that national, and even state candidates do go recruiting the 'black vote', its wholly silly to do so. With the possible exception of the 'womens vote' no single other voting block is so coveted. Politicos peruse us like run away slaves, like adventure, like their hope of nirvana. And yet the voting of blacks is as buckshot like in patterning as the rest of America. When people label us "African Americans" and fixate on the African like a pedophile on small children, they leave out the American. And that, whatever the reasons behind it, is demeaning, and leads to continued racial tension.



For a good Cause....

... I'll even join forces with these guys: Da Captain, Grunt One, and Grunt Two.

What's the cause? This is a charity to help rebuild Iraq. Our group is concentrating on the secondary education so we don't have to go back into Iraq and smash it flat again in twenty years. Do I think we should be in Iraq right now, probably not. There are noticeably more dangerous fish to fry, but our men and women in uniform are doing a hell of a job. Let's do ours. Over on the left of the screen you'll notice the header "Important S***", click on the one that says "Team Donation Page" and pony up a dollar or two. Paypal is accepted, and you'll feel better. Even if you despise the git living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, you have to realize this is a good thing to do. If you wanna join the team, do so. Or start your own team. This is important. If you are right wing, left wing, or like me a moderate and actually have a functioning brain you can't disagree that building schools is a very, very good thing to do. If you really must, take your Paypal receipt with you when you go file your taxes and claim it as a charitable deduction.

Remember education counts, I don't want to see the Iraqis in the same situation because they are uneducated, and not able to access good information sources when choosing leaders. Going into Iraq for the second time in two decades is enough, I don't want to be there again, this will help.

... I was thinking....



This is an interesting concept. Its all reviews by various bloggers. You need to have a blog to join, and if you want to keep your blog for other activities than simply reviewing every CD you buy, DVD you rent, or book you read, you can. I've got an account set up, with just once review as of the time this is posted. Blogcritics needs some work, but is over all a usable site. It will be interesting to see if my traffic count goes up. My screen name there is simply "TheCO". Enjoy.



Kick ass Granny!

So you think you're brave? Try and outclass this lady she's seventy -two and is off to Iraq. That's older than the President, and older than any three newly minted privates.

Go Granny!



Circumventing your privacy

Xerox is officially off my list of companies to ever buy anything from, ever. Period. They in collusion with our beloved government have been making laser printers for years that make it possible to track anything you print back to you. And nope, they haven't been telling anyone.


Two good storys and a great blog

Blackfive has two stories listed you need to read. One is on helping the military folks, and the other is an account of self sacrifice. I may strong dislike the yutz in the White House, but the troops will get my every vote.



I want one! New Tech

This is a new concept plane/helicopter hybrid. It's targeted useage would be short hop flights to and possibly even within cities. It needs about one hundred twenty five meters to take off and about three hundred for landing. Theoretical applications include as ambulances, train replacements, and possible military remote S&R useage.





Bush vs Chile

CNN has an updated to the scuffle story I posted last night. Apparently a dinner that Bush, and over two hundred others including heads of state representing nations across the globe. The usual Bush-Shites are shrilly blaming Chile. Unfortunately, something this FUBAR'd takes a committee.

It would appear Bush hasn't learned his history and is still failing to get along with our allies.


If true...

This could have profound effects on the world stage. It appears everyone's favorite Boy Named Kim might just be ready to follow in a certain Syrian leaders footsteps instead of the ex leader of Iraq's. I swiped this off of http://varifrank.com/archives/2004/11/wednesdays_wtf.php#trackbacks

My question? How come we haven't heard more about this?



Government in action.


Apparently both the nation of that makes my favorite wines, and the one that makes my favorite whiners lack serious communications skills. How is it that two nations who are very familiar with each other, and are having a conference where both heads of state are going to be in the room, can fail to have detailed accountings of all the people who will be with said Heads of State?

I realize I'm not a Goobermint Official, but this seems pretty basic. On the other hand, Bush showed what is assuredly the quickest thinking of his life in breaking things up before it became a major incident. Heres one link http://news.search.yahoo.com/search/news?p=bush+secret+service&ei=UTF-8&c=news_photos
And apparently even the Aussies picked this up http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,11453942%255E1702,00.html

Anyway, I Was Thinking, and (amazingly) so was Bush.


The First IWT NFAA!

Today I award the first in what I'm sure will become a long history of my new award.

Today I present the first ever NFAA, the Need For Architecture Award. This award will be given to those who show ample need of someone to build a bridge so they can get over it. Sometimes it will go to authors, other days athletes, entertainers, or musicians, most often it will go to politicians and pundits, as does today’s.

Since I consider myself a form of moderate, and pretty open-minded it’s rare for me to actually be offended on behalf of either wing. Usually both are shrill in just the right tones to drown each other out. Once in a while, someone is shrill at a deafening volume. What is worst is when that happens with a usually reasonable person. I've complimented this person’s wit in the past, but this message goes beyond the realm of reason.

Casually painting everyone on the Left of oneself as being as utterly inane, asinine, and myopic as Moveon.Org is as completely obnoxious as labeling everyone on the Right with same charming epithets one might use to describe Trent Lott and David Duke. It’s untrue, utterly absurd, and undermining to ones future efforts to sound reasonable.

So Moxie, display your award proudly.




No wonder...

... Terrell Owens aka TO can move so fast. He hasn't got any balls to slow him down. Recently he eclipsed all his previous speed records by apologizing for doing a skit on Monday Night Football. Apparently, he was horrified to learn that some people found the imagery of a naked white woman leaping into the arms of a black man offensive.

New flash sparky:
The KKK and their fellow ignorant pieces of genetic refuse aren't dead yet. Furthermore, you are a loud, rich, public black male who previously displaid a spine. They ain't gonna like you no matter what you do. Therefore, you have two choices. Grow a set. Or get your ass to work on a plantation somewhere.




It appears those guardians of truth, justice, and the American way are at it again. Apparently if you are a Rebulicrat you don't even have to follow your own rules. Y'all recall the "Congressional Accountability Act'"? Right? The one the GOP engineered a while back? Well, apparently that was meant to apply only to political opponents, or when it was convienient to the GOP. Apparently Little Tommy DeLay is above the rules.





Not just from the land of fruits and nuts, but live from the capital of all granola thought...

Apparently when your city is running a $7.5 Million dollar a year debt (yes 7,500,000) it's okay to go with the in for a penny in for a pound method, because what's another $50K? Who needs to pay teachers, cops, firemen, and keep the streets paved...

These people even top this group of idiots.

Swiped from Moxie .




Not just from the land of fruits and nuts, but live from the capital of all granola thought...

Apparently when your city is running a $7.5 Million dollar a year debt (yes 7,500,000) it's okay to go with the in for a penny in for a pound method, because what's another $50K? Who needs to pay teachers, cops, firemen, and keep the streets paved...

These people even top this group of idiots.



An ACLU win.

It appears the ACLU has taken a fight of over federal funding of a religious organization to court, and won. And the did so against the city of Chicago and the Department of Defense. It seems some military bases were funding Boy Scout troops, which do require a religious test to be a member. More here.


And so goes...

... the last of my respect for the Bush _Administration_. The Formerly Respectable Colin Powell is leaving the Cabinet as everyone who doesn't live under a rock probably knows. And to replace him, Bush not content with find a mere 'Yes Man', had to go and appoint his attack dog Conda-leash-Ya Rice. Apparently Bush wants someone to not only someone to not only yes him to death but to fetch his slippers too. He of the unbalanced digit count and the man with the wooden stake have slightly different takes on the whole affair...



Y'all Come Worship now y'hear!

If i had a heart, i'd say this person was after it...




How to Run and Recant

George W Bush made a mjor push to get 'one man one woman' definition of marriage added to the Constitution earlier this year. He then ran with the issue all campaign long. It was a major issue this year, the economy, the war on terror, and gay marrage were the triumvirate that ruled the real issues (no not what either candidate was doing thirty years ago). It was everywhere, you couldn't get away from it, state level, city level, it was a political blood bath. And now, Bush says its wrong for the Feds to decide.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't the
other guy supposed to be the flip-flopper??


The Pack

Recently in a forum best left unnamed, I had the dubious distinction of being on the receiving end of the hue and cry of The Pack. I was discussing several things in various topics, when one person decided I had gone ‘too far’; I had dared to ask a question about a topic someone else had brought up. True, it wasn’t the most politely assembled sentence of my life, but they’ve seen far worse, both from me, and from others. Nor was this apparently egregious question above the level of genera acrimony in the forum at the time. This is not new, The Pack who assuredly consider themselves the Wolves of Righteousness but in reality are the Jackals Of Ignorance with several members still cutting their milk teeth on there first tastes of intelligence, has been around on this forum for years, the loudest voices change, but I’ve yet to see real leadership attacks any and everyone with the temerity to have and defend an opinion outside the group think consensus. To the credit of the all to few bi-peds who visit the same hunting grounds they either (futilely) attempt to shout down the whole mess, or keep their heads low until things blow over. This is however fairly normal, not necessarily excusable but normal, human behavior, the sad parts however are:
  • 1. that even people who know better will still listen to and occasionally heed The Pack.
  • 2. That otherwise sensible people will go baying right along with the pack. If this is protective coloring or simply getting caught up in the hysteria is anyone’s guess.
  • 3. And that the pack will go not through not just the thread the action starts in but go back through other threads and decide in the most amazing of ex post facto styles that something said perhaps days ago is now offensive.

Am I upset? Only slightly, I’m more bemused, on a scale of one to ten of anger ten being berserker rage, and one being enough to take notice of, I’d say the whole affair left me about number three. The Pack presents a quite interesting anthropological study, heterogeneous membership, lacking in leadership, myopic, undisciplined, and without any discernable purpose beyond making a disparate group slightly less so by driving off all who fail to take up the pack cry or flee. Perhaps the most remarkable behavior of The Pack is their ability to turn anything into an insult to them. Overall, they are fascinating creatures, but given the fact that group think so reduces individual intelligence, and responsiveness to such outré things as logic, reason, or nuance not something one should get up close to unless they have a strong will, and are looking for pelts.

(Responses without an accurate email address or accurate blog address will be deleted unread.)



Cross pollination


Through generations of cultural cross pollination, we and our allies have gotten a lot from each other. With Japan, we've traded baseball and rock and roll for karaoke and anime. With the British, we got the Beatles and sent back Rap music. The Canadians sent us hockey, and we introduced them to basketball. Most of those trades can be called somewhat equal; the one we've made with the Australians can not. They sent us Crocodile Dundee and the Crocodile Hunter, and we send back the KKK. While I realize the two Croc's are a horrid thing to inflict on someone, even they aren't that bad enough to trade them back the Klan.

The Australian brach of the Ku Klux Klan has apparently gotten active enough in their army to cause new recruits to leave, and manage the picture in the above article.

So much for stomping out terrorism...

Anyway...i was thinking...



Strange bedfellows....

It appears the 'Right' and the 'Left' can come together sometimes.

Aparently the ACLU and, and...

(put the drink down)

A group of street Preachers have joined forces to fight in Las Vegas.

Am I the only one who thinks this would be like seeing Darth Maul and Yoda going after someone together?



Gmail wide open.


It appears Gmail is using the same 'quality' programmers Microsft does...



Not to put too fine a point on it...

but how fucking insane can you get??

Certain critters both in the media and the medical community are making a stink over the approval of a new (sorta, it’s more a newly balanced mixture of two cold war era drugs) pill, because: it’s more effective in African Americans. Yep, they found a drug that actually helps blacks at a higher rate than not only other drugs, but at a higher rate than it does Caucasian Americans. People are actually calling it 'unethical' to proceed with its approval. Now what type of drug is this? Is it a new sexual aid? Um, no. Is it a new acne med? Sorry, try again. Is it perchance a new anti-anxiety med? Hardly.

It is a heart disease drug, one that reduced deaths in study participants overforty-three percent.

Would these same people throw up a stink over birth control drugs that worked in women better than men? Nope. This is absurd. Anything that saves lives at such a dramatic increase over alternatives, needs to be pushed regardless of its limitations.


Anyway... I was thinking...



Sad American

This http://fromasadamerican.blogspot.com/2004/11/how-you-could-have-had-my-vote.html lady makes some very, very interesting points. I didn't take the same action in the voting booth, but I can understand her points. I found myself in a surprising amoutn of agreement with her.

Oh yes, someone had to go and respond with a bunch of shrill nonsense... http://www.fromasadderamerican.blogspot.com/



Post election stuff...

A bit late, and since everyone else did it 'better' i'll let this one speak for me too.



Someone needs....

to be strangled with their own intestines. This poor kitty was rather savegly mauled and needs help....
Don't know how that other link got there... sorry folks.



Duty and Dishonor

In about two hours we will enter what should be one of the days America holds dearest. We should be reveling in the fact that unlike China, unlike Cuba, unlike The Sudan, _we_ have a say in our government. We should be rejoicing in the fact that we as Americans live under the worlds longest continuously used constitution. And we should most certainly be delighted that we don't have to have military detachments patrolling the polling stations. Unfortunately we will not. For more than a week the lawsuits have been flying, the slander, the mudslinging, and the accusations and counter accusations have flown, and for what? The sake of two spoiled egomaniacs and their courtiers? Jefferson would be appalled, as am I. Franklin would be airing his sharp wit and shaving slices off the reputations of both, I'm to weary. Washington and Lincoln would rage that all there work had been for naught.

Tomorrow I will get up, vote as is my duty, and live with the dishonor all America bears that Bush and Kerry should be our 'best' choices.

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