House keeping

First an apology for all the broken links the past couple days, by the time i get to my blog nightly its usually fairly late. It appears that this is also the time that Blogger does it backup, not a pretty combination.

Second, the blogroll is updated, and broken into "The Brave" (those linked to me) and "The Rest". If you'd like to be listed, show me what you've got. If you dislike your nickname in "The Rest" tell me, i might even change it. Or you could just blogroll me and get moved to "the Brave".

Third, What kinda cheep asses are y'all? The Spirit of America Challenge has been up for days, and most of the teams donations have been home grown. I'm not asking for much, five dollars if you can, one dollar if you can. I don't agree with the way Bush has conducted the war. However the flat out truth is the better job we do of rebuilding Iraq the less likely we will have to go do this again in ten years. And if you absolutely cannot stand to be a part of 'the war effort' donate to Toys for Tots, a local 4H club, a religious organization, a research hospital or even an animal shelter. If helping people doesn't make you feel better you are a sicker sob than the former leader of Iraq.


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