Fruitful hunting, new links, and more!

As some of you will have noticed, the original righties to join BlogSpectrum have been over awed by the quality of the center to the left posters and unwilling to enter the arena of reason. So as part of my duty to present you with a balanced team over at BlogSpectrum, I went hunting and turned up a few good blogs. This guy was cool but didn't have time to become part of the Spectrum, he did recommend another guy who is interested and is the newest slicer of logic at BlogSpectrum.

In cursing around the Blogsphere I ran across the purveyors of the fine blogs Ramblings' Journal and The Smallest Minority. Thanks to my magniloquent wit and charm (along with lots of whining and ego stroking) they decided to blogroll (probably just to shut me up, there really was a lot of piteous whining) me and are now clear linked in "The Brave".

Way down the bottom of the page in the "blogging tools”, you'll see a "Blog Catalog" button that will allow you to vote on how good my blog is. Now despite the other numbers being there the only two numbers that actually work are the nine and the ten. So if you hate me passionately and hope I choke to death on the lumps in my oatmeal vote nine, other wise ten will do.


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