Why the republicans lost so much ground.

The reasons the GOP lost so much ground are really simple. They shot themselves in the ass. How? That’s easy. The Democrats had a clear, consistent, hopeful message that challenged American voters to pay attention. The Republicans were screaming things like “if the Democrats win America loses”. The Democrats made a message that showed a direction, the Republicans plodded forward. The second major problem was that the Republicans, led by the President continued to insult the intelligence of the American voter. The President, and the Republicans on the whole have tried to equate disagreeing with the policy from the top, with bashing the troops. This is the same as claiming that hating the policy makers at chain restaurants put in place saying you can’t order a rare steak is the same as hating the waitress in front of you who tells you this, this is ludicrous, baffling, and grotesquely insulting.

The bottom line is that which ever party (if any) you support; insulting the people you want to get to vote for you is not the surest strategy to victory, and not having a clear message, any message is damning. Combining the two of them in one does not bring about the possibility of defeat, it damn near guarantees it, as the Democrats learned an election ago.

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