State of the Union

After watching the end of the Address, this seemed even more appropriate.



Two comics





Arizona's wave making Republicans

We're all familiar with Senator McCain and his habit of questioning the status quo in the GOP, and whatever you, or I may think of him, he has been in some regards good for the Republicans, Democrats and America at large. Now it seems there is another man from Arizona set to ripple the waters of the republican sea. Randy Pullen is set to make an internal party push to toughen immigration laws. The party resolution that he coengineered travels in a very different direction than that of President Bush, whose plans would sell the American working class down the river.

I wonder if we can get this guy to run for president in 2008 ?


Where in the world is Kim Jong Il?

Kim Jong Il has apparently disappeared while traveling in China.

One news source states that apparently Kim was in three countries at once.

One states that he hasn't been seen but that his train had been seen, but is now missing.

This one states where he was, and where he was believed to be, but no one seems to know.

Maybe he does have the supernatural powers he claims?


Jeremy Jacob's to do list

Sad, but true.

I wonder if Bob Kraft can be talked into buying the Bruins?

Pic from www.bostonrinkrats.com


Legal Polygamy?

A study by the Justice Department strongly criticizes the effectiveness of polygamy being illegal. The flat out states that the criminalizationis utterly ineffectual, and that more needs to be done to combat the evils of the behaviors, and not the institution. One quote from the article is particularly blunt:

Criminalization does not address the harms associated with valid foreign polygamous marriages and plural unions, in particular the harms to women,

True, this is a report of the Canadian Justice Department. But, given how close our cultures are, I seriously doubt that there are more differences than similarities in the inanity of criminalizing a particular type of personal relationship.




I wonder if theres more of a connection than we think. :-)



It appears that the Massachusetts senate hasn't completely abandoned all good sense, they just keep it well hidden. A bill that would have reduced tuition rates at state colleges to undocumented immigrants was defeated by a vote of 96 to 57. Even more amazing is that Mitt "the twit" Romney had stated he would veto it if it did pass.

For the record I have no problems with anyone who legally enters the United States. I do have a problem with the economic invaders who evade all law in their attempts to enter the US and then proceed to assist others in doing the same.


Even more sorry

In an effort to prove that Duluth isn't home to the smallest minds in the state, Covenant Christian Academy has decided to expel one of its students for kissing another. The kiss happened away from school grounds, and at a private gathering that was not sponsored by the school. The young lady had a grade point average of 3.5 at the time of her expulsion. Despite the fact that the other half of the kiss was also a student at the venerable institution, which is about the same age as the fifteen year old it expelled, only this girl was expelled. She and her parents are not taking it lightly and have sued the school for breach of contract and invasion of privacy citing the vagueness of the schools handbook in regards to 'sexual immorality'.

I've never personally understood how kicking someone out of an institution that is bent on 'saving' them helps the institution save the person being expelled. I guess it just comes with the territory of being that religious.



I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry

I'm so sorry that its come to the point where patriotism makes little girls publicly apologize to their city council. In Duluth Georgia this happened the other night. In response to a flag being painted on a cul-de-sac people across the city, and several city council members became involved in forcing the painters to remove it. Just one of the putrid reasons cited was that it might set a precedent for Neo-Nazi's painting swastika's on the sidewalk. This fails the the litmus test for logic in numerous ways, among them:
The Duluth city council not only should feel sorry, they are sorry.


Victory for Science

In an inspiring case of reason winning out over superstition, Judge John Jones III found:
the Dover school board was clearly motivated by religious beliefs in ordering that students be made aware of intelligent design as an alternative to evolution.
this ruling would have been sufficient for some, Jones went further and in his ruling stated intelligent design is:

is an interesting theological argument, but that it is not science
Jones does mention that he did have an eye beyond his own Pennsylvania court and hoped to save tax payer money.

It's times like this that I wish I were possesed of a theological bent that included canonization.



DoD does troops proud

The Department of defense drafted and submitted a new pay and bonus structure for the military that increases bonuses in existing categories and adding new ones. Amazingly enough the spineless, brainless and morally derelict scum in congress even passed it.

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