Maybe i give up too easy...

It's possible that i give up too easy, the '08 feces flinging contest hasn't even officially started and i'm already sick of all the possible candidates for both parties.

Clinton, Gore, Romney, Bush... all of them make me ill.

I've decided to write in a ticket absolutely no worse than anything either party will come up with.

Who's with me?

Who else will right in:

Eugene Joseph McCarthy and Newt Gingrich.



A commitment to our troops

Sears, Roebuck and Co, have been honored by the Department of Defence for their commitment to their employees who serve in our armed forces. The Freedom Award is earned only when a company is nominated by a troop who is working for a company. They've just earned more than the award, they've earned more of my business.



Players, prayer, and football coaches

No doubt some will see this as simply a continuation of "The Vast Atheist Wing Conspiracy" and lament ad nauseam about the declining state of America thanks to the same such militant atheists. It was however the right call. There was nothing about this decision and the reasons for it that attacked any religions. When the coach is being paid by the school, a government agency, they are a representative of the government, whether they like it or not it is fact. As such a representative, by initiating prayer, especially over the protests of players and parents, they are issuing a governmental order establishing a religion.



1000 words plus

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Supreme Court hears Doctor Assisted Suicide debate

An Oregon law that allows doctors to prescribe lethal amounts of medication to terminally ill patients is being challenged by the Bush Administration. Oddly, its not being challenged as murder, but as a violation of federal drug law's. I think think that Bush and company are reaching, and I'm not the only one who does, both O'Connor and Kennedy have weighed in on this already.



A view of the UN from the east

This, is a rather interesting article on the United Nations from a professor at one of Japan's Universities. I'm one hundred percent convinced as to what his belief in the UN's agenda should be, but it does provide some interesting hints.


Because screwing up FEMA just wasn't enough.

What is with George W. Bush, our beloved President? Did he not learn from his wonderful political appointee to the pinnacle of FEMA that you need to put experienced people into top slots. Experienced people who are good at something other than caging jobs from their cronies. Well, apparently he did not. He has chosen someone for the Supreme Court who is not only inexperienced, but is sufficiently his unabashed, and blind partisan that we can all just start calling her the white Condoleezza Rice. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, and please take her far away, Condoleezza Rice v1.3 better known as Harriet Miers.



Can someone please explain?

Can someone please explain this to me?

Why is it that people who life in New England their entire lives can know that the 65 degree temperature at noon is going to about 20 degrees higher than what it will be five hours later, and still go running about the local agricultural fair in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals (with socks). Really, this is not one of those difficult things to understand like when women say things like "If you don't know I'm not going to tell you.", before stomping off in a further sulk. Cold is endemic to the New England experience.

Somebody, anybody please take a stab at this...

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