The Shot Heard 'Round the World

This is a tradjedy: http://www.boston.com/news/education/higher/articles/2004/10/22/postgame_police_projectile_kills_an_emerson_student/

There's no doubt about it. And we need to place the blame firmly where it belongs. In this case, with two people.

1) Victoria Snelgrove

2) Boston Police Commissioner Kathleen M. O'Toole

Why these two?

Ms. Snelgrove was an adult. She was 21 years old and obviously had a decent head on her shoulders, Emerson does not take idiots into its class rooms. She was in the Boston area last year, and two years ago when the Patriots won the Super Bowl. She knew the type of things that could happen there. She was a journalism student, how could she not? She wasn't even at the game. She went down to the area after the game ended. They had been showing the asinine things people were doing almost from the time the final out was called. She made the choice to walk eyes wide open into what she knew was a nasty, potentially dangerous situation. I feel sorry for her family, but she was a grown up and responsible for her actions.

As for O'Foole?

What kind of stupid, concieted, selfserving bimbo undermines the very people who are walking straight into the lions den? This was disgusting, and i do agree that she needs to go. The sooner the better.



I like...

... the reasoning, the delivery, and such but the post is rather long winded.

In short he gives loads of reasons why he'd not vote for Bush, but some are a bit long winded....




As i've said...

...in another forum, in agreement with This guy. Its time to pull out of the UN and go form something better. We need not only to pull out ourselves, but to take our real allies with us. The United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and others who have helped us recently. The Iran's, The France's, The China's, and the North Korea's of the world need not apply. If we, and two or three of the worlds more vital economies, and military's pull out of the UN, it will nor survive, period. The forerunner to the United Nations the League of Nations lasted almost long enough for people to realize it was there, thanks in no small part to our non presence. The UN is supposed to be an organization that helps the world mediate greivnaces, and protect human rights. It fails. It fails, horribly. Things like the years long genocide going on in the Sudan, a mirror image of the previous one in Rwanda, and the slave trade that still exists around the world, and especially in south east Asia need to stop. The UN has become a backwater for sixth rate politicos who do nothing but spew inanities at nations for legitimate police actions, and nearly acknowledge the Sudan mess, nearly do something about the slave trade and mostly sit in New York City sucking money out of the economy of a lot of countries that could be better spent drilling wells, teaching people in third world countries to read, farm, and work factories. Let's get out now.



Well I feel better.


This one just awes me. A three week old baby had his identity stolen....



Final Round

Well the third and final debate starts in just a few minutes, CNN has the current probable voters calling a bare one point to the Senator. ABC calls it a dead heat. Fox calls the President the leader.
Lets see what the post debate wrapup says, eh?






Remeber kids, this is why you should respect your elders.

If you get sprayed by a can of soda that someone is opening, what is your responce? Do you ignore it? Just wipe it off with a frown? Or do you do something to prove why so many people have urged eugenics for so long? Something like this: http://www.thebostonchannel.com/news/3799011/detail.html ? They really need to put the stocks back into use.



Around the Web...

(a further attempt to forestall reading a poorly written history book)


(Almost) Beer magnate Peter Coors and Ken Salazar (I wonder how often he's asked about directions to Hogwarts?) are battaling over a Senate seat in Colorado. Either they are infavor of allowing the children adopted by gay couples to get drunk really young or i've somehow been bored to incoherance by the fact that No One Cares!

Hmm, it appears it takes the presence of minions of the man some cosider the last bastion of communisim in the western hemispere to get US attention paid to one of our friends in Latin America who just happen to be the 4th largest source of oil for the US. Apparently some hypergenius with an IQ that can only be properly measured through the arcane application of; Triginomitry, geomerty, algerbra, liberal applications of of pi, dancing sky clad and widdershins to Tiny Tim, while burning chocolate scented incesnce thinks that the Despot of the Carribean _might_ harm democratic process in Venezuela.



Completing the Curse of the Cape:

Superman star (among other movies) Christopher Reeves has passed away.

In an act of willful self delusion the Iraqi Goobermint-to-be has decided that the five day truce in Sadr will result in the peaceful hand over of 'hundreds' of weapons from rebels.... Really, i wanna be these guys accountants. Just sign on the line next to where it says SUCKER.


My fave Webcomic starting here: http://somethingpositive.net/sp12192001.shtml and continuing all the way to here: http://somethingpositive.net/ and beyond is still going strong!

And finally, one of my friends has some interesting art work, and poetry (most of which goes over my head) located here: http://www.firehazel.com/index.php

I now return to my regularly avoided work!


Painfully funny!

No preamble, just a warning that the content touches on anal sex, vomit, sex, and stupid human tricks...




Round Drew.

Before we get down to the nitty gritty of the debate, I've got to congratulate Charlie Gibson (the moderator) for picking real questions. I was afraid this was going to be a night of softball pitches and deeply partisan (despite the screening) spin doctoring, it wasn't.

Sensory perception:

Bush: He looked, sounded much, much, more confident, and relaxed. He did not make the same amount of eye contact with either the audience or the camera that Kerry did, and his body language seemed angrier than I’ve seen him on the election circuit. His tones were also notably harsher than Kerry.

Kerry: Seemed as animated as I've ever seen him. While he tended to enunciate his speech with hand gestures, they were more expansive than exclamatory. Tones and eye contact were on target.

Bush: Had mostly the same lines, with much better delivery as last time. He also had a lot more in the way of facts and figures than he did in round one. Not the same level as the Jr. Senator from Ma, but notable improvement none the less.

Kerry: Why did Kerry pull way ahead of his competitors in the Democratic Party? You saw the answer tonight, and last week. Preparation, preparation, preparation. He had all the minutia down to sway not just local voters, but he creates the impression (how fact backed it is is anyone’s guess) that he knows not just about St Louis and Show Me State folk and their lives and times but about 'your' life and times as well.

I'd call the debate a draw.

I'm not sure which candidate this is better for; on one hand, Kerry clearly was again not beaten by the President. One the flip side, the President held his ground to a much closer degree this time around.

Stupid lines of the night:

Bush: And so, I don't think the Patriot Act abridges your rights at all.
That may just be the most abhorrent law passed in America since the days of the Jim Crowe Laws.

Kerry: General Shinseki, the Army chief of staff, told him he was going to need several hundred thousand. And guess what? They retired General Shinseki for telling him that.
Shinseki had announced his retirement prior to ever uttering the lines that appear to have been disregarded.

Round three next week. Will we see a knockout punch, or more of the same?


Round two. The 'Pregame Show'

Currently CNN has Bush lagging behind the MA junior senator, and Colorado, a normal gimme state for republicans leaning Kerry-wards. http://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/10/07/state.polls/index.html

MSNBC barely acknowledges the Kerry lead, and continues the media mantra tonight on "jobs, jobs, jobs". http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6191353/

Fox doesn't acknowledge any lead but just calls things a dead heat. As far as the mantra of the evening, Et tu Rupert! http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,134839,00.html



Live free or die?

A Londonderry New Hampshire school has decided the states motto resplendent on the bumper stickers and ever on the lips of its residents really means: Live free or die, but only so long as you do so in a non contraversial way. Traditionally the school has allowed students select any picture they like for their year book picture. Not anymore. This year a student submitted a picture, he's well dressed, clean shaven, his hair is a color found in nature. He's smiling. And it was rejected. Why? It appears it’s somehow not proper in the so called 'Live free or Die" state to hold a gun. The student in question is not pointing the gun towards the camera. His face shows not the least hint of aggression. The gun is in fact broken over his far shoulder of the young gentleman, his hand nearly the full length of the gun away from the trigger, which is hidden behind his head Since our earliest days, men and the occasional woman have been depicted carrying the tool that has secured our freedoms, protected, and fed so many of us. America is lessened each time something like this happens. Don’t let your town open the gates to the wolves.




Veep! Veep!

I just got through listening too, and watching the debates. I have several questions?
1) Why isn't Dick Cheney President instead of George W. Bush? He's clearly miles and away the more intelligent, personable, and articulate.

2) Why aren't the moderators of the two debates thus far better known? In my almost humble opinion, they stole the show both times.

3) Why do we have nonevents like this? This was seriously an event where both sides were fighting not to lose. Yes, both men through some heavy hits, but neither one went nearly as far as candidates have in past debates, and they spent as much time repeating the overcarders as saying anything intelligible.

Can someone answer these please?? And while you're at it please tell me where the real candidates are?



Debate Aftermath.

It appears I wasn't the only one to award Kerry the nod after the first debate. MSNBC http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6159637/site/newsweek/ gives the numbers with 61% saying Kerry won to Bush's 19%, and even 33% of the GOP's faithful awarded the duel to the MA junior senator. Interestingly while the poll on the race on the site clearly favors Kerry, even the dead tree version gives the Senator the nod. The scariest thing about the poll is that (as of my taking it with over 33k respondents) the 84% online, and 60% of the dead tree folks say that Bush's diplomacy has led to more Anti-Americanism around the world.

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