Circular Thinking

By now, nearly all of us know that America had a rather large hand in training Saddam. We also know that it turned around and bit us in places of a tender and non public nature. Unfortunately, it appears that the people who don’t know this are part of the government. There are plans in the works for US Special Forces to train counter insurgents in Iraq, brought to you by some of the same bright minds who gifted America the Iran Contra affair.

Now just about every person in the world, outside of the bright boys planning this, knows that those who don’t learn their and in this case it’s the most intimate their possible that you are doomed to keep stepping in it. So why pray tell are they planning to engage in something that has worked out to our grievous disadvantage more than once? Some might say it’s that it has worked in the past; others might say that it’s simply the next evolutionary step in the pacifying of insurgents in Iraq. And still other will claim its part of the megalomania of the Bush Administration that they can’t admit defeat, or even setbacks, and are now resorting to desperate measures. Any of these might be true, but some of the architects of this plan have been around since the Regan Administration and that’s more than enough time for anyone with a little self honesty to see that some plans however neat, elegant and conservative of resources are simply to close to holding the wolf by its ears.

What ever it is, it stinks to no end.


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