DeLay, delay, delay...

It's quite the sad thing that the 'moral voters' were unable to gaze just a few weeks into the future before casting their ballots. Perhaps had they been able to do so they would have excommunicated the apostates in the Grand Old Party. The Republican Party has been masquerading as the chaste maiden for years while living openly as a scarlet woman. As bad as the investigation was surrounding Monicagate which revealed a prominent republican had engaged in a 'youthful indiscretion' in his just barely post pubescent forties (yes that is about the same age Clinton was during the whole manufactured scandal). The DeLay delays take the cake. Until, that is, it was one of their own the GOP stood firmly for removing anyone indicted from office. Then it started to look as if the leader of the current crop of disgraces to Lincoln’s legacy would be indicted himself and they changed the rules then, well the rules have been changed again. Now the ethics committee has morphed from a bipartisan attack dog of intimidating meme to the lap dog of which ever party has someone to protect. I'll never claim the Democrats are as pure as the driven snow but everyone knows who their soiled doves are and they don't change the rules to benefit themselves at the eleventh hour.


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