Can we have a round of applause please?

For the LA County DA Steve Cooley and the unnamed arresting officer of the Idiot of the Month? And another one for the Costco employees and the local emergency response teams who risked themselves selflessly to save others? They deserve it.

By now we all know Juan Manuel Alvarez is the idiot responsible for the near dozen deaths in the three train collision in California. Thankfully he will be charged with murder for each of those deaths. I hope they add in a charge of attempted murder and another of reckless endangerment for each other passenger or crewmember. My only regret in the matter is that no one saw fit help this relentlessly venal, inconsiderate, ass finish the job of earning himself a Darwin Award, he’d already stabbed himself and slit his wrists, why oh why couldn’t they have showed him the right way. I really don’t have anything against suicide. Individual lives belong to the person living them, no one else. That’s why we have the right, and occasionally the responsibility to risk and or give our lives. What I do have a problem with is waste in suicide Alvarez showed the most disgusting lack of regard for his son’s future not in his attempt to take his own life, but in the way he did it. He destroyed his vehicle which could have been sold to support his child had he succeeded, but he gave up, half way through. Now, his family will probably get billed for his defense, and lack whatever assuredly minimal, positive contributions that he might make to the children’s lives. I wonder if we can convince The Governator to have a pay per view at this gits execution to help cover repair costs?


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