New Award!

By now, y'all are familiar with my major award the NFAA or Need For Architecture Award. I award that to people who are so very, very shrill in condemnation of their opponents they actually legitimize said opposition. It’s been awarded twice; the first went to Moxie, and the second Joe Vialls. This new award does not require quite that much talent, but does take an unusual perspective and a certain overwrought outlook to gain this laurel wreath. And so....

The first ever More Strokes Needed Award goes to a poster who had done a remarkable job of standing up for the Oppressed Majority. In his peerless defense of some Bible thumpers who had their ad rejected by Rolling Stone, he proved that he really does deserve this first ever More Strokes Needed Award. So to The Northeast Dilemma guest blogging over at the New England Republican, I present to you this award and some advice. A few more strokes a day and you'll stop having silly things like this fall off your keyboard.


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