It is being reported that McCain has chosen a woman young enough to be his child (or wife) as his running mate. Unknown Alaska governor Sarah Palin has been selected.

It doesn't take much to deduce that this is in part a ploy to draw the disaffected Clinton supporters. To me though the most remarkable thing about this is which of the strategies McCain chose to follow in selecting the person who will be the a heartbeat or a trigger pull away from being leader of the free world. He appears to have gone what I'll call the Dan Quale Route. He's picked a running mate who is not known to have any serious handicaps, skeletons in the closet, and who's greatest contribution will be a failure to distract from the number one slot. This is the direct opposite of the Cheney Route which is bringing in a heavy hitter to beef up flimsy credentials. Interestingly, this leaves McCain open to attacks on his less than stellar reputation on domestic issues.

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The Democratic National Convention was in two words; exceptionally expected. It wasn't boring, there was too much nuance to be shifted through in the words of the Clinton's, and in making wondering at the value of having Kerry speak, but there was nothing dramatic about it. Biden's announcement just prior to the convention wasn't anything earth shattering. The prospective First Lady proved to be a solid speaker but was almost over shadowed by the raw and undiluted cute of the Obama kids. For all the hype surrounding Ted's 'surprise' appearance at the convention, it was hardly that. Ted Kennedy will be stumping for a cause when he takes his last breath, he is incapable of failing to be in the thick of things.

Sadly I suspect the RNC will not be any better unless something exciting happens like McCain falling down.

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