Different Strokes

Some days finding something interesting to blog about is difficult. Someday's believing that there ca be something so different to blog about is difficult. Today is one of the latter.

Twenty odd years ago, "Different Strokes" was a successful sitcom about a high-rise dwelling white family in New York who adopted the children of their maid after her death. It was a family show. Today, this might as well be the title of three proposed TV shows. While it is funny, and they are about family, I highly doubt they'll be labeled 'sitcom' or 'family show' if ever they bring forth the light from the boob tube.

The first show, one that is being pitched to German TV networks is called "Sperm Race". This sure fire biological thriller is built around the premise of measuring the speed of the seed of various men. No word yet on a prize...

Singapore in an apparent effort to bring to attention the sagging flagpole that is its birth rate is being pitched a TV show called "Dr. Love's Super Baby-Making Show". The contestants would compete to be the first to well, successfully procreate. It is pitched to feature nine foreign couples, and one from Singapore. The first to ah, be fruitful get $100,000 (US). I've heard of getting an outside expert to come to you but, well...

And finally the same people who want the first show to come on your TV, are hoping to go a second round with "Make me a Mum". On this undoubtable future classic, and cause for the resulting offspring’s therapy and emancipation, the prospective fathers would compete to be the donor. In the end 'Mum' gets to choose between one she man she picks for personal attraction, and one picked based on genetic compatibility. Is there anyone who thinks that a woman who would go on this type of show would pick logically?

That's not my story, and consequently I'm not sticking to it.


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