Blatant plug and a bit on the publishing world.

And it’s not even for me.

One of my favorite author’s newest books just became available for preorder. Dave Freer, among the best fantasy writers of the day is set to release his first solo book in a few years. Working with in the same world that the stunning epics The Shadow of the Lion, and This Rough Magic were composed with Mercedes Lackey and Eric Flint, Dave has written a book that nestles between the two previously released books without a single continuity error, or making the story seem contrived . A Mankind Witch follows Erik, Manfred, and Francesca through the frozen north and into situations fit to freeze the blood. There are several new comers to the book. It is entirely safe to read this before or after the chronologically later This Rough Magic. I happen to get my greedy paws on an advanced copy and can tell you that this book in no way suffers from the lack of the formidable talents of Lackey, and Flint. It stands on its own and highlights the appreciable talents of Freer.

Now why am I blathering on and on about a book none of you will be fortunate enough to put your hands on for months? Well aside from A) Liking Dave’s work, and B) liking Dave, and C) liking to tease and torment, it’s simple. With the exception of a very few top names in the publishing world there are two main banes to exposure for an author.
So here's the cover:

Here’s a review of the first book in the series: by me.

And here are a couple places you can preorder it.

Amazon Jabberwocky Mysterious Galaxy


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