New Years Resolutions

Here we go,

  1. Continue to mock the mockable.
  2. Jeer at the jeer worthy.
  3. Continue to spread my own brand of socio-political inanity.
  4. Find a way to tell Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh how much they look and sound alike.
  5. Redefine myself by having a better, harder hitting blog.
  6. Redefine myself by having a sillier, softer, gentler blog with more humor.
  7. Start a flame war with another blogger just to see who can use the most creative invective.
  8. Send the President a big bag of pretzels.
  9. Send Kerry a huge case of Hunts Ketchup.
  10. Amuse myself constantly.
Gosh, i hope i didn't set to high a bar.


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