First Bush, then Sharpton, now Jackson?

What is wrong with the world when I have to compliment Bush, Sharpton, and Jackson all in one year? Good Dog can't we go back to simpler times when we could all just blindly hate and disparage people at will! I blame the multinational media, the military industrial complex, the NSA, Organized Crime, the Jewish rulers of Washington DC, all of whom are just puppets for the extra terrestrial Illuminati.

The NIH has released for use in Africa Nevirapine, an AIDS drug that failed to pass US standards. Reverend Jackson in his attempt to remind people that even clocks set to military time are right every once in a while has decried this as further marginalization of Africa. Among the problems with the drug's release are:

• The reports that allowed it be released at all were doctored.
• The drug itself has high instances of death.
• It can interfere with other drugs causing them to be processed to fast by the liver.
• Liver problems.

This does not sound like a reasonable drug especially not given that Africa has most of the worlds AIDS cases.


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