Looking at my stats since I put up my counter several weeks into this little endeavor is really interesting. According to GoStats, my counter I'm currently number fifty for their category of "government and society" sites. Given that I’ve only been open for the bemusement of the (very small) masses for a short time I consider this a good sign. True that Instapundit Guy gets more hits per hour than I do per day... I find it interesting and encouraging. I do however wonder how accurate said counter is.

So I’ve decided to conduct an experiment... Three of my friends have written a couple damn good books; unfortunately, as good as these guys are not enough people have heard of them. So for the sake of the giggles, and gaming the system, and not so incidentally introducing you to three good guys.

Our buddies at Amazon, rank items, in part, by how many clicks they get and how often they are searched for. So let’s see how far you, I and our friends can move three books up the list

Michael Z. Williamson of Blogspectrum fame is up for a Prometheus award for his debut novel Freehold. His next book "Targets of Opportunity" his next book is ranked entirely to low for me, and is due out March first.

As I mentioned Dave Freer's A Mankind Witch is an excellent book in one of the best series on the market. #78,151

Finally, Lars Walker has an impressive remix of Hamlet, community theatre, Norse mythology and out and out good writing in his 2003 "Blood and Judgment". Is just plain not selling fast enough.

One of the other ways you move something up the list is by getting it linked to higher ranked items. For example if y'all happen to search for "Harry Potter #6" aka "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" it will appear in those lovely "People who shopped for..." links when others shop for their next Hogwarts adventure.

So three books to search for after you make your obligatory trip to the Altar of Rowling:
1. "Targets of Opportunity Michael Z. Williamson"
2. "A Mankind Witch Dave Freer"
3. "Blood and Judgment Lars Walker"

Click forth and may chaos be thy name!

Oh yeah, lets see if we can move me up Gostats list of sites, i'd like to break the top 25 "Government and Society" sites.


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