When did it happen and why wasn't i told?

Apparently, hell has frozen over.

On a recent CNN Jerry Falwell the leading light of the Conservative far Reich, I mean Right, and Al Sharpton his opposite number (Does that make him a trailing dark? Never mind...) got together and were questioned on gay marriage and what it means. The Good Reverend Falwell surprised me in no way shape or form save one. The boy could give Clinton lessons in not answering questions. We all know that Falwell like everyone's best buddy Trent lot has a low opinion of gays, Jews, women.... pretty much everyone who doesn't look like him and worship the ground he hovers above. And of course, "The Liberal Media" has shown us for years, decades in fact that Sharpton is nothing short of an old vaudeville show negro come to life. So what was it that happened that made me believe I might have to shut up and date the girl from junior high with the four inch space between her teeth and more freckles than an entire Irish clan?

Al Sharpton did something I here-to-fore thought impossible.

He said something I agree with.

That's right he said something I agree with that wasn't a typo, I'm not that tired. What pray tell did he say?

Here it is:
I think marriage is a two-pronged thing. We have marriage based on the church and the church has the right to take that position. But you have marriage based on law, and based on law, I think that we do not have the right to tell people that they have to conduct their lives in the way we may believe according to our religion or according to our own sense of values. People have the right, if they're consenting adults, to make decisions even if we believe they're sinful.

He was being sensible, and not trying to move into the bedrooms of all of America, will wonders never cease. The full transcript is located over at Blackelectorate.com


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