Dead pool time

Joe Cartagena Aka "Fat Joe" The Latino king of rap is just plain ready to follow in his boy Big Puns foot steps. Less Chili dogs and pizza niƱo
Elizabeth Taylor. She looks like she was buried in '99
Pope John Paul II. Someone will sneeze, it will knock him over.
Scott Peterson. Killed in a prison riot.
Rush Limbaugh. Someone will force him to eat his own words
Michael Moore. Someone will force him to eat his own words.
Trent Lott. Someone Klansman will shut him up for their own protection.
Terrell Owens. He'll trip and be crushed by his own tremendous ego.
Mariah Carey. Someone will get her on the right medication, she'll realize she ceased to be relevant or respected in any community in 98 and it she'll go the Kurt Cobain rout.
Jessee Jackson His babies momma's will catch up with him and lynch him for back child support.
Whitney "Crack is whack" Houston. 'Nuff said.
Liza "I never beat my husbands" Minelli
Estelle Getty, who remembers life before the industrial revolution
Vladamir Putin. The Russian president who can be safely blamed for their next revolution.
Fidel Castro. Smoking kills silly.

This bit of insanity is inspired by the nice folks over at Dead Pool who annually run a contest to see who can pick the most celebrities to buy the farm the next year.

If you decide to play to, list me as the loony who referred you.


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