This Day.

There aren't many things that will make me declare someone a "Bad American". On the whole, I simply don’t have any desire to make grand and sweeping pronouncements. Today I make one: Anyone who does not know what today is deserves the epithet of "Bad American". On this day, we suffered the most vicious attack, and heinous losses against any foreign opponent at see in our history. In a few short moments, the war that would decide the balance of history not just for the nations locked in combat rending each other with fang and claw but for the entire world. A fleet at rest was rent, and smashed. A nation left bereft and enraged. One of our most unyielding leaders would be forced to bend to the task of war.

The infamy is not forgotten.

Thank you to all the men and women who have, do, and will safeguard the freedom of America.


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