A message about choice

Despite viewing the world through anything but rose tinted lenses, I am occasionally surprised by the things I come across. While shopping online tonight I ran across some very, very funny t-shirts. Most of which were only slightly outside what most people would wear in public. I have a low sense of humor, I firmly believe in the First Amendment. I'll be the last person to ever tell anyone how to live, who they can and can't or should or should not associate with. Life however has a funny habit of jumping up and tipping ones world view. I rarely encourage anyone to boycott companies, I dislike both Target for their treatment of employees, and Wal-Mart for manifold reasons, but I do little beyond spend as little as possible there.

This time I’m asking. There are a series of links below. The company selling these items is one of those things wrong with America. Pass this message or even the link to it along.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4


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