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I've known for a very long time that Ray Bradbury was a talented writers with a true gift for both word smithy and story craft that few could rival. What i did not know is that he apparently has some ability to read the future. While i personally don't care what what adult (or similar aged teen) is doing with a consenting partner, I am perfectly willing to read about it in moderation. I'm also like anyone else capable of opening a book, able to close the book and stop reading. Apparently our good buddy Gerald Allen of Alabama doesn't feel that people in his state are able to do these things. He has decided that making all state funded libraries from elementary school through public and college libraries no longer carry any books that do anything less then condemn homosexuality. It doesn't matter if they are fiction or non fiction in Alabama if this small minded bigot gets his way, it will be the next best thing to impossible for people to get a fair and balanced accounting of homosexuality.

It should be noted that Mr. Allen has both his home and office addresses and phone numbers listed on his website.


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