For a good Cause....

... I'll even join forces with these guys: Da Captain, Grunt One, and Grunt Two.

What's the cause? This is a charity to help rebuild Iraq. Our group is concentrating on the secondary education so we don't have to go back into Iraq and smash it flat again in twenty years. Do I think we should be in Iraq right now, probably not. There are noticeably more dangerous fish to fry, but our men and women in uniform are doing a hell of a job. Let's do ours. Over on the left of the screen you'll notice the header "Important S***", click on the one that says "Team Donation Page" and pony up a dollar or two. Paypal is accepted, and you'll feel better. Even if you despise the git living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, you have to realize this is a good thing to do. If you wanna join the team, do so. Or start your own team. This is important. If you are right wing, left wing, or like me a moderate and actually have a functioning brain you can't disagree that building schools is a very, very good thing to do. If you really must, take your Paypal receipt with you when you go file your taxes and claim it as a charitable deduction.

Remember education counts, I don't want to see the Iraqis in the same situation because they are uneducated, and not able to access good information sources when choosing leaders. Going into Iraq for the second time in two decades is enough, I don't want to be there again, this will help.

... I was thinking....


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