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George W. Bush who has vehemently claimed for years that US policy will not be decided in the court of international opinion, has shown his spine and the claim to be as firm as this posts title. Having once claimed to want the Sudanese to try their own war criminals he is now allowing the Condoleezza Rice, and others to melt away from the position. What kind of hypocrisy is it that he will not stand up for the sovereignty of another nation. He's decried the UN and the international communities interference with the US, and how we handle our own criminals, and here he is opening the door for further UN meddling with our trials. The Sudan has certainly poorly suppressed the genocide, but now that they are taking steps towards responsible self-government I think we as Americans should stand by them. This starts at the top, or should. But Bush had done this before, recant, recant, recant.


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