Head hunting

It's definitely time for someone to go head hunting in the Sudan. This should however not be an indiscriminate head hunt. It should be a matter of honor that one is selected. I recommend most of the police in or around the Darfur area. I heartily recommend the judges, and all of the "Janjaweed" that can be identified as part of one of the most noisesome acts of racketeering I've ever heard of. I most certainly recommend that the government officials doing nothing to halt this evil. So what's happening? Girls in their mid teens, and young women are being gang raped by Janjaweed, police, and others, and then they are forced to pay fines that total as much as one fifth of the average yearly salary for the area, the crime "fornication". As this clearly, and indisputably runs counter to even Islamic law, this is nothing more than a particularly cruel act of government sponsored extortion.


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