Is it possible (still nothing to do with Schiavo)

Is someone doing something to clean up the mess that is Darfur? Are they actually going to make a positive difference? Will the trials for the fifteen men arrested in connection with the rape, pillage, plunder and extortion actually face prison and hopefully death? Will it make a difference to anyone but these men, or is this just the Sudan waving their hands and making a token effort at responsible government to keep the world press, the UN and humanitarian organizations off their backs? I'd like to believe this was a genuine effort. Perhaps recent efforts by several American politicians have left me more jaded than usual. On the flip side it appears they are not toadying up to the French or the ICC so maybe there is hope. Even our fair weather friends in Russia and China appear to be leaning in the same direction as the US. While the first sources agree on numbers if differing in content, the always sensational Al-Jazeera is both using divergent numbers and a bit more strident statements.


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