As i've said...

...in another forum, in agreement with This guy. Its time to pull out of the UN and go form something better. We need not only to pull out ourselves, but to take our real allies with us. The United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and others who have helped us recently. The Iran's, The France's, The China's, and the North Korea's of the world need not apply. If we, and two or three of the worlds more vital economies, and military's pull out of the UN, it will nor survive, period. The forerunner to the United Nations the League of Nations lasted almost long enough for people to realize it was there, thanks in no small part to our non presence. The UN is supposed to be an organization that helps the world mediate greivnaces, and protect human rights. It fails. It fails, horribly. Things like the years long genocide going on in the Sudan, a mirror image of the previous one in Rwanda, and the slave trade that still exists around the world, and especially in south east Asia need to stop. The UN has become a backwater for sixth rate politicos who do nothing but spew inanities at nations for legitimate police actions, and nearly acknowledge the Sudan mess, nearly do something about the slave trade and mostly sit in New York City sucking money out of the economy of a lot of countries that could be better spent drilling wells, teaching people in third world countries to read, farm, and work factories. Let's get out now.


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