Never again

I attempted to order a camera online for my upcoming vacation from several assholes over at AMPhotoworld.com. I ordered Saturday during their business hours. I then got the confirmation almost immediately. Today, when I checked my email for anything (its an email address I only use for buying things online) I discovered an additional confirmation email that required me to call them to confirm that the order, it was sent more than 48 hours after the order was placed. When I called they said the number indicated, I got someone's voicemail. Well over an hour later I get a call back, at a different number from the one I left instructions to call. They tell me that my order won't arrive until Friday or possibly Monday. Friday is the day after I leave, and Monday is the day I return. I ask, "Can you deliver it to my hotel in VA?" they answer, "It is against our policy to ship to hotels." Apparently customer service is against their policies too, I called back a bit later to attempt to get some answers, the only response I got was "Are you canceling the order?" to which I gave them the only intelligent answer possible. They are now on the list of company's I will not do business with.


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